Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Craven Pentagon Officials Anonymously Celebrate Tucker Carlson’s Exit

'Every 'senior Pentagon official' who commented on this story while hiding behind anonymity is a coward... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Pentagon officials were anonymously celebrating the firing of former Fox News star Tucker Carlson, Politico reported.

According to Politico, one senior Defense Department official railed against Carlson for his criticisms of the military-industrial complex.

“We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people,” the source told Politico on condition of anonymity.

The same official also said that Carlson “made a mockery” of the press and “repeatedly cherry-picked department policies and used them to destroy DoD as an institution.”

“Good riddance,” another official added, also requesting not to be named.

A third official, when asked by Politico if Pentagon officials were happy about Carlson’s departure, responded: “Ha! I’m sure.”

Sen. J.D. Vance, R.-Ohio, a war veteran, came to Carlson’s defense, suggesting that the officials in question were cowards for “hiding behind anonymity.”

In response to Vance’s Tweet, former quisling Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger suggested that Carlson’s primary reason for attacking the military brass and its woke policies was the bottom line.

Carlson did indeed slam the United States military on occasion, especially insofar as it lowered standards to make room for new woke or feminist policies.

“So, we’ve got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits,” Carlson noted. “Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the U.S. military.”

The criticism prompted a public response from John Kirby, the top Pentagon spokesman.

“The diversity of our military [is] one of our greatest strengths,” Kirby insisted at the time.

Carlson also got into a spat with former Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe, delaying his retirement by several months while the U.S. Army investigated Donahoe’s side of the interaction.

In response to Carlson’s firing, Donahoe tweeted: “I have thoughts,” though he declined to comment further.

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