Saturday, December 2, 2023

‘Squad’ Member Cori Bush Accuses Fellow Democrat Joe Manchin of Racism

'Joe Manchin’s opposition to the Build Back Better Act is anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman, and anti-immigrant...'

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., called Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., a racist for blocking President Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion spending bill over his concerns about how it might be paid for and the impact it will have on inflation.

“Joe Manchin’s opposition to the Build Back Better Act is anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman, and anti-immigrant,” Bush said in a recent letter attacking Manchin, according to Breitbart. “When we talk about transformative change, we are talking about a bill that will benefit Black, brown, and Indigenous communities.”

On a variety of issues, from the environment to policing, the radical, race-baiting Squad member has accused the U.S. of being a racist country.

Last week Bush accused oil companies of promoting “fossil fuels despite knowing that promoting them means promoting environmental racism and violence in Black and Brown communities,” according to Fox News.

She claimed that fossil fuels were another example of “systemic racism” in America.

“This is a striking example of White supremacy,” she added, scolding oil executives. “Your profit-driven choices threaten my life, the lives of my family, my neighbors and our communities every single day.”

Manchin has repeatedly warned that unless he better understands the real price tag of the Biden bill, he’d be content to return to West Virginia without voting on the bill, even offering to leave the Democrat Party, according to NPR.

“As more of the real details outlined in the basic framework are released, what I see are shell games, budget gimmicks that make the real cost of the so-called $1.75 trillion bill estimated to be almost twice that amount, if the full time is run out, if you extended it permanently,” Manchin told reporters Monday afternoon according to CBSNews. “And that we haven’t even spoken about. This is a recipe for economic crisis.”

Campaign finance data show that 84.73% of Bush’s money has come from out-of-state, with a large plurality from California.

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