Wednesday, October 4, 2023

‘Piece of S–t’: Constituents Scold AOC in Chaotic Town Hall

'Where are you on the migrant issue? You’re a piece of s–t...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Tensions flared at a chaotic town hall meeting hosted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., when fired-up constituents confronted the congressman on her pro-illegal immigration and support of the funding for Ukraine.

As AOC discussed the debt ceiling negotiations and Republican-led tax cuts, a protestor approached the stage and shouted, “American citizens before migrants.”  

Security at the town hall quickly got a hold of the man and prevented him from nearing the congresswoman.

The heckler continued to shout even as security attempted to diffuse the situation. “Where are you on the migrant issue? You’re a piece of s—t!” the man said, to which the self-proclaimed democratic-socialist congresswoman responded, “OK.”

AOC took to Twitter to thank those who attempted the town hall, claiming she had “such a great crowd.” She also added, “It was awesome answering all your questions, discussing the debt limit negotiations, and more. See you next month!”

But the town hall was far from perfect. Several protesters called out the embattled congresswoman’s support for taxpayer funding for the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“Stop funding this war, there’s a lot of communities that need help and need that money,” one woman yelled before being escorted out from the meeting.

The woman’s comments were echoed by a fellow protestor who torched AOC’s for voting for a $113 billion aid package for Ukraine in January 2023. “100 billion for Ukraine that you voted for,” the man shouted.

Footage of the town hall showed AOC responding to the protestors saying, “I don’t like that Republicans passed a $1.7 trillion tax cut on the wealthiest people on this country.”

The New York Post reported that AOC’s town halls are “increasingly drawing hostile crowds,” with a group of protesters crashing one of her meetings chanting “AOC has got to go!” in 2022.

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