Saturday, March 2, 2024

CNN Hack Uses Offensive Mississippi Stereotype to Deflect Abortion Criticism

'Why are you telling, uh, a girl who has been raped by her uncle that she has to carry the child to term...'

Far-left CNN host Jake Tapper rarely seeks to engage in healthy dialogue with conservatives.

After four years of peddling debunked election conspiracies about former President Donald Trump (and also trying to invalidate the George W. Bush presidency) he was panned for his recent declaration that he would not give a platform to “election liars.”

But in the rare event that an unwitting conservative leader does agree to appear, Tapper proved recently that his idea of discourse is to lob insulting ad hominem attacks and to perpetuate offensive stereotypes.

During a recent State of the Union appearance, Mississippi‘s Republican Gov. Tate Reeves hit a grand slam in response to Tapper’s question about a pending lawsuit that could lead the US Supreme Court to re-examine the controversial Roe v. Wade abortion ruling of the 1970s.

“The question is not ‘Are you gonna overturn Roe v. Wade,'” Reeves said, noting that the unprecedented 7-2 decision has long been been cited as a mistake by the activist court.

Among the many irregularities, several justices hearing the politically charged case neglected to recuse themselves over conflicts of interest involving activist organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Legal questions aside, however, Reeves said the current Mississippi case hinged on new scientific evidence about prenatal development.

“The question is—the science has changed, and therefore it makes sense for the court to review their decisions from the past,” Reeves said. “And this is a vehicle for them to do it.”

Rather than debate the scientific or legal nuances, though, Tapper instead suggested gratuitously that Mississippians should support the termination of infant lives due to the scourge of incest in the state.

His appalling hypothetical premise sounded almost like the cruel setup to an elaborate inbreeding joke from rival football fans in neighboring Louisiana and Alabama.

“And what do you say to a Mississippian who says ‘Why are you telling, uh, a girl who has been raped by her uncle that she has to carry the child to term,” Tapper pressed.

Despite the pejorative remark, Reeves kept his cool and brought the discussion back into focus.

“I’m not telling any child in Mississippi anything,” Reeves responded. “What I’m telling everyone is we believe that abortions are murdering literally millions and millions of Americans across many, many years.”

He noted that regardless of any forks or lack thereof in a child’s family tree, Tapper’s type of abstract dehumanizing of abortion victims did not change the fundamental circumstances.

“It’s a sad, sad state of affairs,” Reeves said, “and we’re gonna work very hard to make sure that when that baby becomes viable that it is treated as a human life, because that’s exactly what it is.”

According to the Mississippi Code, several laws prohibit the intermarriage, adultery or fornication of blood relatives, with punishment including a $500 fine and up to 10 years in prison.

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