Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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SHOCK: CNN Fact Checks an Attack on Marjorie Taylor Greene, Admits Leftists Lied

We’re on the precipice of a World War and he is writing a story that states four tepid claps constitutes applause

(John RansomHeadline USA) After Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Congress, leftists attacked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., for not applauding the address.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene refused to clap during Zelenskyy’s speech to Congress & reached for her phone instead” tweeted Lindy Li, a self-described Princeton graduate and Joe Biden delegate, who went on to lodge attacks on four other prominent House conservatives.

Indeed, Greene has made public her skepticism of the motives for globalist warmongers hoping to thrust America into the center of the European conflict.

However, the smear attack was so egregious that even a fact check from CNN, a leading propaganda mouthpiece for the Biden administration, called it false.

Li’s criticism was in response to a post from a group called the MeidasTouch, a leftist political consultancy that edited the video to make it look like Greene didn’t clap.

Despite Twitter’s professed policy against manipulated media, the Democrat operatives’ post had yet to be censored as of Friday morning.

The video was actually a fundraising device with a link for Act Blue, a dark-money donation aggregator that allows leftist billionares to elude detection and to skirt campaign-finance restrictions.

As CNN’s Daniel Dale pointed out, the clip lacked context since Greene did, in fact, show her solidarity with Ukraine on multiple occasions during the speech.

“Greene did not refuse to applaud Zelensky,” Dale noted. “Full footage of the event shows that Greene stood and applauded on four occasions before and after Zelensky’s speech: briefly when Zelensky appeared on the big screen, then longer for Ukraine’s ambassador to the US, then again for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s invocation of a pro-Ukraine slogan and then—for more than 15 seconds—after Zelensky finished the address.”

Dale added that RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois—who has actively promoted disinformation and propaganda on social media throughout the Ukraine conflict–“amplified” the lie by retweeting the Meidas video with some snark of his own, aimed at Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy.

Meidas Media dismissed CNN’s fact-check as “clownish” said the cable network, because as Meidas said in its own tweet, because, “on the precipice of a World War,” Greene didn’t clap hard enough for another Biden-led disaster, the war in Russia.

It’s not the first time that Meidas has been in trouble for skating too near the line between fact and fiction.

When questioned by Rolling Stone—another notorious purveyor of propaganda—about their claims of leading the anti-Trump resistance, Meidas “leveraged their social media muscle to promote a misinformation campaign full of bizarre conspiracy theories and online vitriol,” said Rolling Stone.

The group responded by publicly threatening to sue the music magazine and privately threatening to sue somebody who spoke to the magazine.

No word yet, if Meidas plans on suing Greene over her clapping.

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