Saturday, May 25, 2024

Climate-Change Agenda Enabling China to Usurp America’s Global Leadership

'We’re going to wake up one day and realize we’re not in charge, and this is part of the reason...'

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) Just two years or so into the Biden presidency, America seemingly has lost or forfeited its status as the world’s primary superpower.

Climate-change propaganda spread by gullible globalists—and an oblivious (or perhaps complicit) corporate media—is facilitating an ascendant communist dictatorship across the Pacific.

Global warming mitigation “is a coordinated effort by the government of China to hobble the U.S. and the West and take its place as the leader of the world—which, of course, is exactly what’s going on,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in his opening monologue Wednesday night. “We’re going to wake up one day and realize we’re not in charge, and this is part of the reason.”

As a potential preview, authoritarian China already has crushed the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and eliminated freedom of speech there.

It is now growing increasingly bold and agressive in Taiwan and the South China Sea, two regions that the U.S. has long declared to be red lines in diplomatic relations with the Asian rival.

And it is spreading its influence throughout the globe through anti-American partnerships such as the BRICS alliance—which may soon represent up to three-quarters of the world population and all of its major oil-producing countries.

America, meanwhile, has taken significant steps to reduce carbon emissions, even as the United Nations continues to push doom-and-gloom scenarios that have never materialized.

“This time, the plan is much more explicit: Make the West—the United States primarily, but also western Europe—blow up its own economy, while China—the fastest growing economy in the world—doesn’t have to do anything,” Carlson asserted, adding that China is building two coal plants every week.

Already, according to the Washington Post, China is the “biggest annual emitter of planet-warming greenhouse gases.”

Climate-change activists, who have blocked traffic and vandalized museums in Europe, have apparently shown no willingness, so far, to stage protests in Beijing.

Instead, U.S. activists organizations, some of which are taxpayer-funded through government grants, have funneled billions directly to China as part of a never-ending cycle of corruption.

Earlier this week in a Moscow meet-up, China’s President Xi Jinping boasted that he and his Kremlin counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin, were driving changes “the likes of which we haven’t seen for 100 years.”

Against this backdrop, allegations have surfaced that CCP cash may have compromised the Biden family.

Rather than trying to negotiate a cease-fire in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Biden administration continues to send massive resources to the Ukrainian government.

In addition to arguably prolonging the tragic suffering, the stubborn U.S. policy seems to have encouraged Russia and China to form a potent strategic partnership.

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