Saturday, September 23, 2023

Church Bows to Alter of Woke, Snubs White Kids as ‘Offensive’

'I am grateful for such attention to the subtleties of racism and agree... '

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A far-left organization that pretends to be a Christian church apologized for daring to put a blonde-haired white child on the cover of its calendar and, therefore, causing “offense” to anti-white racists.

According to the Daily Fetched, in a letter posted on the United Church of Christ website on May 23, UCC President Rev. John C. Dorhauer apologized for displaying “the subtleties of racism” by showing a white child.

Rev. Dorhauer said that the new desk calendar that features a white child “failed to live up to [the] commitments to be an antiracist body” of the church.

The 2024 desk calendar, which is available to buy on the UCC website, features a drawing of children and at least one adult with gray hair holding hands in a circle.

Even though every skin color was displayed on the calendar, the anti-white racists who attend the church were not satisfied because a white child with blonde hair was at the top of the image.

Rev. Dorhauer said the image on the calendar should’ve been rotated slightly so that a non-white child would be able to replace a white one.

“It has been brought to my attention that a slight rotation of the cover image in either direction would more accurately reflect the racial equity we seek. I am grateful for such attention to the subtleties of racism and agree,” he wrote, pandering to bigots.

UCC calendar
The cover of the 2024 desk calendar from the United Church of Christ / screenshot, wnd

He then also thanked bigoted members for informing him about their “disappointment and outrage” over racism that doesn’t exist and lamented on the pervasiveness of one of the many boogeymen of snowflakes — “white privilege.”

“Seeing how the image on the cover is plainly focused on the blonde-haired person makes it clear to me that there are still ways in which the centering of whiteness remains instantiated in our language, our art and our culture,” Rev. Dorhauer wrote.

“This is a reminder of the kind of diligence required to fully overcome the ravages of white privilege still embedded in our system, our psyche and our culture.”

He also promised that future graphics will be aligned with the church’s commitment to “antiracism.”

“We will again remind ourselves and challenge ourselves to apply a level of diligence that will reduce the likelihood that this happens again,” Rev. Dorhauer said.

“We will also review the processes we use to approve graphic designs before being published, building a network of accountability that will enable us to align more fully with our vision for and commitment to antiracism.”

The president of the “church” then said that he hopes that the leftist organization would get rid of “white privilege” and “racism” in the future.

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