IT'S A THING: Pro-Trump Boat Parades Break Out All Over America

Most recent in series of pro-Trump demonstrations on the water…

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters flooded Charleston, SC harbor on Sunday for a MAGA boat parade, The Post and Courier reported.

On the Facebook page that was used to organize the event, more than 700 people said they were attending and more than 1,000 said they were interested.
“We’ve heard a thousand [boats], we heard 1,500, we’ve heard an actual count of 1,358,” said Randall Horres, of Johns Island.
Charleston Sailing Charters said the line of boats extended for more than 5 miles.
The Charleston Police Department estimated that there were only about 700 to 800 boats, according to public information officer Charles Francis.
Horres said the event celebrated the United States, and didn’t focus on political divisions.
“It was a great thing to have to show support for America and the commander-in chief, taking the politics out of it,” Horres said, adding that it was “very upbeat.”
“There was no negativity,” he said.
He said the boaters joined in prayer together over the radio before they set off.
Boaters flew Trump 2020 “Keep America Great” flags, Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, and American flags as they sailed past hundreds of onlookers.
One woman held up a sign in response to the coronavirus lockdowns that said, “If we followed rules, we’d still be British. Liberty is essential,” The Hill reported.
Former Charleston County Republican Party Chairman John Steinberger said he watched the boaters from the shore.
“It was organized; it was grass roots,” he said. “People showed up to support the best president in my lifetime.”
A Trump-supporting husband and wife, Skip and Debi McQuillin, joined the event despite their reservations about the number of boaters on the river.
“When we saw the magnitude of it, we couldn’t believe it,” McQuillin said. “With so many boats in a small area and not knowing what to expect, but everybody seemed very polite, you know, very courteous. We didn’t see any problems at all.”
The outpouring of support via boating was just the most recent, and apparently the largest, of similar recent celebratory demonstrations on the waters of America. Trump supporters conducted a MAGA parade on May 3 in Jupiter, Fla.:

Another boat parade celebrated the 45th president on May 23rd in Clearwater, Fla.:

And also farther south in Naples:

And another tribute to the president was conducted the same day in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.:

And Newport Beach, Calif.:


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