Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Cancel Cult Bullies College Conservatives to Self-Censor

'That so many students are self-silencing and silencing each other is an indictment of campus culture... '

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A national survey revealed that scores of conservative college students at more than 200 American universities self-censor themselves inside and outside of their classrooms, under pressure from cancel culture mobsters looking to destroy the reputations of anyone who disagrees with their leftist social doctrines.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, a nonprofit organization that was founded to defend free speech and thought, released its third annual College Free Speech rankings by conducting a survey of 44,847 students at 208 colleges and universities about students’ opinions on free speech on their campuses, according to the Daily Wire.

The survey revealed that 63% of students were afraid to speak up because they were concerned that their conservative views would damage their reputations in a community where they are supposed to spend four or more years.

The survey also found that 42% of conservative students “often” were uncomfortable expressing their opinions and 40% felt uncomfortable disagreeing with their professors — both in public and in their written assignments.

“That so many students are self-silencing and silencing each other is an indictment of campus culture,” Sean Stevens, FIRE Senior Research Fellow, said. “How can students develop their distinct voices and ideas in college if they’re too afraid to engage with each other?”

Students found abortion, so-called racial inequality and COVID vaccine mandates to be the most difficult topics to discuss.

The study also found that most students think that guest speakers who don’t follow the woke cult should not be allowed to speak on campus. About 75% of students would not support a speaker who disagreed with radical transgender orthodoxy and who dared think that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group that fueled violent and deadly riots in 2020.

Approximately 70% of students would also disapprove of a person who says the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that killing babies in wombs should be abolished completely.

Greg Lukianoff, the FIRE CEO, said that colleges and universities have been this way even before FIRE was founded in 1999, but “That situation has gotten far worse in the last few years.”

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