Tuesday, July 23, 2024

California Hopes to CANCEL Screaming on Roller-Coasters to Prevent COVID

'How... are you going to enforce this, exactly?'

California authorities want to curb screaming on roller-coaster rides in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to new guidance, which already has critics of the nanny-state restrictions screaming “cancel culture.”

The California Attractions and Parks Association recently unveiled new standards that amusement parks must abide by if they are to reopen safely.

These include limits on “singing, shouting” and “heavy breathing” on rides, as well as mitigating “loud environments that will cause people to raise voices.”

Riders also will be expected to mask up, according to the “Responsible Reopening Plan” released by CAPA.

“Face covering usage and/or modifications to seat loading patterns will be required on amusement park rides to mitigate the effects of shouting,” it said.

The California Department of Public Health echoed CAPA’s concerns in its own statement, saying “lower risk” environments are only possible if amusement park customers refrain from screaming on rides.

But Twitter users slammed the new guidance as ridiculous:

In response to the push-back, CAPA Executive Director Erin Guerrero clarified that its guidance does not ban screaming, per se.

“California’s amusement parks are excited to responsibly reopen under the recently released state guidance,” Guerrero told the Orange County Register. “These guidelines do not require parks to prohibit screaming.”

Amusement parks are set to reopen in the state beginning April 1.

They will be limited to 15% capacity in counties that fall in a “red” tier of California’s rating system. Those that fall in the “orange” category will be allowed to operate at 25% capacity.

Disneyland is set to reopen on April 30 with 15% capacity, but only California residents will be allowed to visit the park at this time.

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