GOP Rep. Mo Brooks to Challenge Electoral College Results over Fraud Concerns

'[T]he FBI, the Justice Department and the federal judiciary are wholly inadequate for handling this issue...'

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., said on Wednesday that he will challenge the Electoral College votes if Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is declared the winner.

Brooks said there is enough evidence of widespread voter fraud to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the results. So when Congress meets to certify the election for Biden on Jan. 6, Brooks said he will contest the outcome.

“I’m doing this because in my judgment this is the worst election theft in the history of the United States,” Brooks told The Hill. “And if there was a way to determine the Electoral College outcome using only lawful votes cast by eligible American citizens, then Donald Trump won the Electoral College.”

The problem of voter fraud is much bigger than the 2020 election, Brooks said. He acknowledged the Trump campaign’s many lawsuits but said he believes Congress is better equipped to investigate the matter.

“I’m not focused on what is in the legal pleadings in all these lawsuits all over the country,” he explained.

“There’s some number of votes that probably were illegal in some different places to some degree,” he continued. “That is not that abnormal.”

Judges in many blue states have dismissed several cases due to a lack of standing from the petitioners, or else claiming the evidence presented was insufficient to warrant reversing the projected/certified results of the election.

But Brooks said the outcome of the cases being brought by Trump’s campaign legal team and other independent legal watchdogs such as attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood had no bearing on his personal obligations as a member of Congress to fulfill his constitutional duty.

“It is extremely difficult in a court of law to determine how many illegal votes were cast and who they were cast for,” Brooks said. “And that is one of the reasons why the FBI, the Justice Department and the federal judiciary are wholly inadequate for handling this issue.”

Brooks said he has been discussing this with several other Republican legislators, including GOP senators who might join his efforts.

GOP leadership had tried to remain neutral thus far and has not given Brooks a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down,” he said.

However, President Donald Trump made it clear he supports the move.

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