Boston’s Tyranical New Mayor Imposes Vax Passports, Urges Citizens to Snitch

'Once it gets to the point that it is part of the culture, part of the standard expectation, there’s much less direct challenge in compliance... '

(Gregg Pupecki, Headline USA) Recently-elected Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, as one of her first acts in office, announced orders cracking down on citizens and not the virus.

As many in the audienced heckled, Wu announced that the unvaccinated would not be allowed into museums, movie theaters, convention centers, fitness centers, gyms, yoga studios, bars and restaurants, according to Boston.com.

“Vaccination,” Wu said, “is the most powerful tool we have to fight this pandemic.”

Her diktat comes on the heels of several other major USA cities falling to medical tyranny.

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The new order will be phased in but ultimately creates a class of people, from 5-years-old and up, who will be denied freedoms and privileges that are inherit in democracies in the very city where patriots famously dumped tea into the harbor to protest British tyranny under similarly arbitrary yet draconian circumstances.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., recently announced she had contracted COVID, despite being injected three times, including a booster.

The science and data show people who are triple-jabbed still get and spread the virus, but there are no testing exemptions allowed for Wu’s order.

The unvaxxed will not be allowed entry, even if they have proof they are not carrying the virus or infected.

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The only exceptions seem to be given to the elite, including visiting performers, athletes as well as any individuals accompanying them. They are not subject to this order.

Citizens will be allowed to participate in normal activities only if they have proof of current vaccinations. A negative COVID test will not allow entry.

The City of Boston will be releasing a digital Health passport to track citizens vaccination status. Papers will be required even for children. Businesses will be required to enforce the orders or face tough penalties.

City officials are also encouraging residents to snitch on people and businesses that do not comply, according to Boston.com.

“Once it gets to the point that it is part of the culture, part of the standard expectation, ” Wu said, “there’s much less direct challenge in compliance.”

Businesses that do not comply face strong city fines and people who resist vaccination face termination from employment.

The announcement was met with a group of freedom fighters who chanted “Shame on Wu” and tried to disrupt the speech at City Hall by singing the National Anthem.

Joining a group of first responders, Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl said in a statement: “I strongly oppose Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s decision to implement expanded mandates for vaccination and proof of vaccination in the City of Boston. These mandates are clear violations of the civil rights of anyone who lives in, works in, or travels to the city, and will make it even more difficult for Boston’s economy to recover from the pandemic.”

The spirit of the Sons of Liberty was alive and well in some Bostonians who stood ready to fight tyranny. The Boston Herald reported public safety unions and business groups are ready to take legal action to stop the discriminatory mandates and passports.

Mayor Wu’s crackdown on liberty was in stark contrast to the previous acting-mayor who took a strong stance against vaccine mandates and medical passports.

Former Boston Mayor Kim Janey had previously said, in response to New York City’s strict tyrannical mandates, that requiring vaccine proof to enter private businesses was racist and discriminatory.

“There’s a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers,” Janey said.

Janey lost the race for mayor in November to Wu.

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