Monday, April 15, 2024

Big Tech Titans to Insert Marxism, CRT into AI

'... we may wake up one day soon to a universe where Critical Race Theory and Marxism are embedded into the very algorithms our society runs on... '

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) The American Accountability Foundation revealed that several Big Tech giants formed a “partnership” to make artificial intelligence systems spew Marxist garbage.

In 2016, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and IBM formed Partnership on AI, a nonprofit organization, The Blaze reported. The ACLU, Apple, the Ford Foundation, Adobe, OpenAI and many other companies and organizations have joined the group since its launch.

The goal of the organization is to create “a future where Artificial Intelligence empowers humanity by contributing to a more just, equitable and prosperous world,” according to PAI’s website. PAI hosted several workshops, during which the integration of far-left ideology into AI was promoted, the videos that were obtained by the AAF showed.

“Our investigation has revealed a ‘partnership’ between the world’s biggest tech companies to together rig AI to be woke. The partnership explicitly cites Karl Marx and Critical Race Theory in their plans,” AAF wrote on Twitter.

AAF shared a video from one of the PAI workshops that were about “data colonialism” and discussed how AI developers could implement Karl Marx’s destructive teachings, with the workshop’s presenter, London School of Economics’ Nick Couldry, suggesting the interpretation of Marx’s “labor relations” as “data relations.”

“The usefulness of Karl Marx’s work for understanding the dynamics of capitalism is recognized by economists from all points on the political spectrum,” Couldry said.

“Since AI is undeniably part of capitalism, I simply pointed out that Marx’s thought is relevant to AI too.”

AAF also reported that another PAI workshop, “Towards a Critical Race Methodology for Algorithmic Fairness,” stated that the evolving technology must “focus on the processes of racism.”

The workshop aimed to “focus on the history of racial categories and turn to critical race theory and sociological work on race and ethnicity to ground conceptualizations of race for fairness research,” according to a research article.

“The danger of an ESG-like alliance of the world’s biggest corporations working to use their monopoly over AI development to inject it with wokeness cannot be overstated,” the AAF spokesperson said.

“As we slip into a world dominated by AI, we may wake up one day soon to a universe where Critical Race Theory and Marxism are embedded into the very algorithms our society runs on.”

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