Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Biden’s New Title IX Rules Empower Teachers to Overrule Parents

In short, gender ideology will be treated as an anti-discrimination issue...

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) President Joe Biden and his administration have drafted new Title IX rules that would allow teachers to override parental prerogatives, especially related to a child choosing his or her gender or sexual orientation, the New York Post reported.

Title IX, a statute that makes illegal discrimination on the basis of sex in education, is being read by the Biden administration to include gender, thus opening the statute up to all sorts of reinterpretations.

The statute could be–and has previously been–used to justify intrusions into all elements of private life, especially if its terminology is redefined for the Left’s political purposes.

In short, gender ideology will be treated as an anti-discrimination issue. Such reinterpretations will grant new powers to teachers, who will be able to hide curricular material from parents while assisting students in their gender transitions at school.

Children will be permitted to partake in activities and make use of all facilities in accordance “consistent with their gender identity,” despite whatever their parents may say.

Schools and teachers have already helped students undergo what the LGBT mafia calls a “social transition” without parental consent, but now they may be obligated to enforce parental support.

Part of the new statutory interpretation lends itself to the view that schools might be instruments of monitoring parental decisions which might be deemed “discriminatory” at home.

The new powers granted to teachers would include the power to make judgments about what hapens “outside [the school’s] education program or activity or outside the United States.”

Title IX has led to all sorts of problems in the past, including the creation of “kangaroo courts” at Universities during the height of the #MeToo activist movement. The courts infamously ignored any and every person accused of rape, following the Biden regime’s famous dictum, “believe all women.”

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