Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Biden Tells Jews to ‘Keep Alive’ the ‘Honor of the Holocaust’

'I will once more return to the hallowed ground of Yad Sh- — Vashem...'

(Tony Sifert, Headline USA) The gaffe machine that powers the Biden regime just keeps on rolling, churning out malapropisms on top of Freudian slips on top of word salads.

The latest—and perhaps the worst—gaffe came from a befuddled President Joe Biden, who is currently sleepwalking through the Middle East.

In remarks delivered at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, Sleepy Joe said that he hoped his visit to Yad Vashem—Israel’s World Holocaust Remembrance Center—would help to keep alive the “truth and honor of the Holocaust.”

The president then corrected himself: “the truth and horror of the Holocaust.”

The official White House transcript is something to behold, as transcribers tried every typographical trick in the book to account for the president’s manifest cognitive decline.

“I will once more return to the hallowed ground of Yad Sh- — Vashem to honor the 6 million Jewish lives that were stolen in a genocide and continue — which we must do every, every day — continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honor [horror] of the Holocaust — horror of the Holocaust, honor those we lost so that we never, ever forget that lesson.”

Biden’s gaffe followed close upon First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s already-infamous remark suggesting that the diversity of Texas’ Latino community was as “unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio.”

Not to be outdone, on the same day President Biden called on Israelis to honor the Holocaust, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a trademark word salad at the American Rescue Plan Workforce Development Summit.

“Together, we are expanding access to transportation,” Harris said, before making the terrible mistake of going off-script.

“It seems like maybe it’s a small issue; it’s a big issue,” she continued. “You need to get to go and need to be able to get where you need to go to do the work and get home.”

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