Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Biden Sent Creepy Three-Word Note to Rape Victim

‘He’s even taken a tragedy involving his family to try to make it seem more favorable to him…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Chanel Miller shocked the nation with an account of her 2015 rape while attending a Stanford University fraternity party.

It was followed by a trial that outraged many MeToo advocates when her attacker, Brock Turner, who was discovered molesting the unconscious Miller by a dumpster, served a mere three-month sentence.

Afterward, in his uncanny way of saying exactly the most inappropriate thing on a given occasion, then-Vice President Joe Biden weighed in, offering three words of support to Miller, who was known to the public as Emily Doe.

Creepy Joe Sends Alarming Note to Rape Victim

Biden, who has weathered repeated controversies since announcing his candidacy for president earlier this year, sought to comfort Miller with the words “I see you.”

Fortunately, it worked, according to The Daily Beast.

Miller said she appreciated the sentiment and the fact that Biden had reached out to her.

In her newly published memoir she wrote, “What did it mean that the vice president of the United States of America had stopped every important thing he was doing to write, ‘I see you?’”

Other young women, however, have been far from comforted by Biden’s alarming outreach.

Several have accused Biden of making inappropriate physical contact, which included sniffing the hair of Nevada lieutenant governor candidate Lucy Flores and intimately whispering into the ear of fellow Delaware Sen. Chris Coon‘s teenage daughter.

Hypocritical U. of Penn. Silent on Whether It Will Rename Biden Center After #MeToo Allegations
Joe Biden kissing an uncomfortable little girl/IMAGE: YouTube

While the news cycle on Biden’s creepy behavior already seems to have run its course with no lasting damage, Biden—who is fending off his front-runner status in the Democratic primary against a challenge by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has continued to be criticized for his tendency to make false or misleading statements on the campaign trail.

Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer noted in an interview with Breitbart on Monday that Biden had even embellished accounts of an automobile accident that killed his first wife.

“Over the course of decades, Joe Biden has added the fact—which is completely false—that this guy was a drunk driver, so he’s even taken a tragedy involving his family to try to make it seem more favorable to him,” Schweizer said.

Meanwhile, despite his own troubles, Biden finds himself at the center of a potential impeachment scandal after President Donald Trump called on the Ukrainian president to investigate corruption involving Biden’s son Hunter, who served on the board of an energy company in Ukraine while his vice-president father was overseeing diplomatic efforts there.

Conveniently, much like Miller’s assailant, Biden has selectively edited out all of the details of the story in which he, himself, is culpable of misconduct.

But he has issued a fiery rebuke of Trump and called on Democrats in the House of Representatives to impeach him.

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