Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Despite Promise to Combat China, Biden Displaying Immediate ‘Pattern of Weakness’

Biden "foreign policy team ... is overwhelmingly made up of a number of individuals who either have had links to the CCP, or have a record of weak statements and actions on confronting it..."

The Republican Study Committee released a six-page report on the Biden regime’s alarming decisions to reverse former president Donald Trump‘s “success in countering China” with a “pattern of weakness.”

The report, titled “Biden on China—Bad Policies, Bad Personnel,” asserts that Biden has returned “to Obama’s failed approach of engaging rather than holding China accountable for it’s bad behavior.”

Biden’s approach stems from a blinded or corrupt view of the Chinese Communist Party “as a partner to solve international issues” rather than a “malign foreign adversary,” it said.

The return to Obama-era policies begins with a “foreign policy team” that “is overwhelmingly made up of a number of individuals who either have had links to the CCP, or have a record of weak statements and actions on confronting it.”

The study summarizes the team’s vision as “accommodation and cooperation, rather than containment and confrontation.”

Fourteen high-ranking officials have financial ties to China and the CCP, have expressed naïve judgements about them, or have no experience in confronting them.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, as co-founder of consulting company WestExec Advisors, “helped U.S. universities raise money from China without running afoul of
Pentagon grant requirements,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen accepted money to speak at Caixin, a “Beijing-based media outlet with ties to the Chinese Communist Party,” the National Pulse reported.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin worked for United States Central Command in the fight against ISIS in the Middle East, but he has no experience with China.

When someone in the Biden regime, under Joe Biden’s name, wrote an article for The Atlantic, titled “Why I Chose Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense,” no mention was made of China, Iran, North Korea, Russia or Venezuela.

Rest assured, however, that the article mentioned Iraq—a failed state that poses no threat to the United States—eight times and virtue-signaled with the compulsory reference to “Black, Latino, Asian American, Native American, women, and LGBTQ service members.”

Austin bears the distinction of being the first black Defense secretary.

Former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry—currently holding the title of U.S. special presidential envoy for climate–said he will work with the CCP to sacrifice the United States’s energy independence, saying that “history is full of opposing nations, nations that are competitors and potentially adversaries coming together around things that are imperative,” Axios reported.

Former national security adviser Susan Rice, now head of the Domestic Policy Council,  called the Trump administration’s decision to open trade negotiations between the CCP and Taiwan a “grave mistake” since the former does not recognize the latter’s independence.

She praised the Obama administration’s approach to U.S.–China relations: “[W]e have managed to force a more pragmatic and effective relationship, where we cooperate in a far wider range of areas than ever before.”

Rice said the U.S. should seek “deeper engagement” and “de-emphasise competition” with China.

Despite Blinken’s admission that Trump “got it right” on China, the Biden regime’s top leaders want appeasement and cooperation.

The policies Biden has enacted in the first month confirm the intentions of his appointees.

The Trump administration used sanctions, negotiations, military strength, and public opinion to begin punishing the Chinese Communist Party “for stealing U.S. intellectual property, infiltrating the U.S. education system, hijacking international organizations, and spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.”

On Jan. 20, Biden signed an “Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis.”

This overturned Trump’s executive order from May 1, 2020 on “Securing the United States Bulk-Power System,” “which prohibited China, Russia and other foreign adversaries from accessing or owning parts of the U.S. power grid,” according to the study.

Biden did not explain how public health, the environment, and the so-called climate crisis could be improved by foreign ownership of the American power grid.

As was widely reported, Biden rejoined the World Health Organization, an international body that syphons American sovereignty to the CCP and other foreign nations.

Biden’s Treasury Department on Jan. 27 announced a delay on President Trump’s Executive Order 13959 that sanctions “Chinese military companies operating in the United States.”

Multiple officials have confirmed that the State Department is reviewing the Trump administration’s determination that the CCP “was committing genocide against the Uyghurs.”

The State Department is conducting this review even though Secretary Blinken has said: “My judgment remains that genocide was committed against the Uighurs and that hasn’t change.”

Despite this admission, Blinken described the U.S.-China relationship as “arguably the most important relationship that we have in the world” and one with both “competitive” and “cooperative” aspects.

Biden on Feb. 8 scrapped a rule for the Department of Homeland Security that “would have required American colleges and universities to disclose their partnerships with Confucius Institutes.”

The Chinese Government funds and monitors Confucius Institutes and uses them to spy, indoctrinate, and steal American scientific and technological research.

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