Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Leftists Tell Biden to IGNORE Genocide to Preserve Climate Negotiations w/ China

'Sounds like Chinese propaganda...'

Left-wing activists penned a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday, instructing him to remain on friendly terms with China, despite its long list human-rights abuses directed toward political dissidents and religious/ethnic minorities.

A committee of over 40 far-left organizations urged the president to steer clear of engaging in potentially hostile acts against the rival superpower, according to Politico.

“[N]othing less than the future of our planet depends on ending the new Cold War between the United States and China,” they wrote.

The groups—including those linked to George Soros and other globalist oligarchs—claimed that the kid-glove treatment was necessary in order to slow the greatest global threat of all: climate change.

“We, the undersigned organizations, call on the Biden administration and all members of Congress to eschew the dominant antagonistic approach to U.S.–China relations and instead prioritize multilateralism, diplomacy, and cooperation with China to address the existential threat that is the climate crisis,” they wrote.

With some estimating that the world has only 10 more years until total destruction, any escalation of trans-Pacific tensions, as occurred during the prior Trump administration, could create even greater stress on the delicate global ecosystem, further shortening its lifespan.

Thus, according to the activists, offending China by pressing its harsh treatment of its own citizens—as well as other abuses heaped on American economic and national security interests—could risk “undermining much-needed climate cooperation.”

Further, “U.S. demonization of China has always been a major barrier to progress in global climate talks,” they claimed.

In recent months China has engaged in the mass imprisonment of Uyghur Muslims in the nation, forcing them into detention camps.

But in America, so-called progressives have chosen to ignore such flagrant human-rights violations, while Republicans and moderate Democrats in Congress have called on the Biden administration to act forcefully.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told Fox News that the letter “sounds like Chinese propaganda,” reported Breitbart.

Cotton hammered the hypocritical leftists for their willful ignorance in turning a blind eye on China’s genocide while fruitlessly hoping that the Asian superpower will cut its carbon emissions.

“It’s time to lower the boom on the Chinese Communist Party, not to look the other way in hopes of climate change promises that are never going to come to pass,” Cotton said.

But the activists’ motives may be far from pie-eyed idealism. A recent report indicated that “Big Green” groups had funneled billions in corporate and government grant funding to China.

The country then cycles patronage and favorable business opportunities back to the virtue-signaling, multinational corporations that remain sympathetic to its cause.

Rather than repudiate their role in this industrial circle-jerk, so-called green groups have deflected from their complicity in the corporate pollution chain by fearmongering about the urgency of their climate efforts.

“[Biden’s] entire climate change agenda could be at risk if his anti-China campaign continues and grows,” said Erik Sperling, the executive director of Just Foreign Policy, a progressive group that signed on to the letter.

The Biden administration’s response to the activist demands was to hedge its bets, trotting out the country’s former top diplomat, former Secretary of State John Kerry, to engage in tough talk while avoiding direct criticism.

“Obviously we have serious differences with China,” Kerry, who is now Biden’s climate czar, told reporters in January.

“Those issues will never be traded for anything that has to do with climate,” he continued. “That’s not going to happen.”

The left-wing activists also used their letter to baselessly smear conservative domestic opponents by invoking, out of the blue, yet another of the Left’s boogeymen du jour: domestic white supremacists.

They claimed that criticizing China helped bolster “racist, right-wing movements in the United States” and that it did “nothing to actually support the well being of everyday people in either China or the United States.”

For good measure, they also threw in a subtle plug for a global reset of the economy—a proposal that often has been linked to Soros as part of his controversial pursuit of a one-world government.

“To combat the climate crisis and build a global economy that works for everyday working people—in the U.S. and China alike—we must shift from competition to cooperation,” the letter said.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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