Friday, January 27, 2023
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As ‘Biden Dems’ Move Farther to the Fringe, Fake News Tries to Shift the Center Line

'Let me put it this way: The majority of Democratic voters recognize that Trumpism and the radical right is the real enemy, not us...'

The openly propagandist CNN and New York Times carried water, yet again, for the fully radicalized Democratic Party by trying to rebrand once far-left extremists as the new ‘center.’

“In the most important elections of 2021, the center-left Democratic establishment has enjoyed an unbroken string of triumphs, besting the party’s activist wing,” claimed the Times, while declaring the Left to be “more united than at any other point since the end of the Obama administration.”

But beneath the positive spin, there appeared to be a thinly-veiled smear-campaign underway against the pro-Marxist movement that has become the Left’s de-facto norm.

The Times implied that Democrats no longer welcomed the destabilizing support of groups like Antifa and the Justice Democrats now that they have regained their former political glory.

Instead, Establishment Democrats appeared ready to cut bait—at least in appearances—with those who have driven their policies far beyond the pale, while taking the country itself to the brink of disaster.

“These more moderate Democrats have mobilized an increasingly confident alliance of senior Black and Hispanic politicians, moderate older voters, white centrists and labor unions, in many ways mirroring the coalition Mr. Biden assembled in 2020,” claimed the Times.

The about-face comes as formerly liberal Democrats realize they made a grave mistake in humoring the most fringe elements of their identity-politics coalition—anti-American groups who will never be satisfied with anything the status quo has to offer, even when their own leaders are in control.

“There is a tension between presenting yourself as a yes-man or a yes-woman for Biden, versus pushing the administration,” said Justice Democrats strategist Waleed Shahid.

Radical activists have even turned their backs on far-left ‘Squad‘ member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, for failing to live up to her promises of imposing a socialist utopia that would supplant the foundations of America’s democratic republic.

Shahid accused the newly empowered Democrats of copping out for their refusal to fall in lockstep with the extremists’ demands. “It’s a much easier argument to make: ‘I’m for the status quo and I’m with the president.’”

As a result of activists’ nonstop envelope-pushing, the elected officials elevated by those malcontent elements of the party now find themselves in a sort of purgatorial tug-of-war between their fringe base and the leftist Establishment.

“The extreme left is obsessed with talking trash about mainstream Democrats on Twitter, when the majority of the electorate constitute mainstream Democrats at the polls,” claimed New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic caucus chairman, on Wednesday.

“In the post-Trump era, the anti-establishment line of attack is lame—when President Biden and Democratic legislators are delivering millions of good-paying jobs, the fastest-growing economy in 40 years and a massive child tax cut,” he claimed.

The falsity of Jeffries’ assertions about the foundering Biden economy aside, his claims were something of a political onion, with layer upon layer of lies encircling one another.

At the center of the deception is the fact that Jeffries, himself, is an avowed radical of the old order.

The race-hustling, stink-bomb-hurling attack dog falls into the Biden camp, however, mainly due to the fact that he is willing to say anything it takes to score garbage points against his political adversaries.

For Jeffries, that lack of conviction goes hand-in-hand with the power held by the Establishment—and, consequently, anyone on the Right or Left who demands actual results from their leaders is the real problem.

But after having been mute about the full-court-press toward socialism when it benefited Democrats to embrace it, the current shift seems to have more to do with the political barometer than with any genuine attempt to repudiate the radical agenda.

In his recent “analysis” of the Democrats’ infighting, CNN’s Chris Cillizza went so far as to lump House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., into the “moderate” silo of the party by virtue of the fact that she had previously spoken poorly of Ocasio–Cortez during a power struggle in the House.

“While there are people who have a large number of Twitter followers, what’s important is that we have large numbers of votes on the floor of the House,” Pelosi said in one of her prior attacks on her own caucus.

Cillizza acknowledged that the growing rift was a bit disquieting as Democrats approach a 2022 midterm with little vision to communicate, no progress to show for their leadership, and a party that cannot even agree on its own priorities—other than bashing former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

“The battle highlights the reality that even with Democrats in charge of the White House, House and Senate, things are not all kumbaya for the majority party,” Cillizza said. “Not even close.”

But rather than actually pivot back toward the center, the so-called Biden Democrats continue their leftward sprawl, with the president notably deciding this week to follow radical Squad member Cori Bush, D-Mo., in illegally extending a rent moratorium that the Supreme Court unequivocally deemed to be unconstitutional.

Thus, it is up to the Left’s gaslighting gatekeepers in the media to re-frame the entire narrative—making it seem as though the party is more center-oriented than it really is, while giving them the latitude to placate their Marxist masters as needed.

Nonetheless, Jeffries insisted that members of the party’s old-guard Establishment were not “going to act like punching bags for the extreme left.”

He tried, instead, to bring the focus back where it truly needed to be: on the Trump administration.

“Let me put it this way: The majority of Democratic voters recognize that Trumpism and the radical right is the real enemy, not us,” Mr. Jeffries said. “Apparently the extreme left hasn’t figured that out.”

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