Friday, March 24, 2023
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Biden Claims Death of 13 US Servicemen in Kabul Was ‘Inevitable’

'We were ready when they and the people of Afghanistan watched their own government collapse and their president flee... '

President Joe Biden was slammed by the GOP over a statement he made in front of a Christmas tree, when he claimed that the deaths of 13 U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan was inevitable during the withdrawal that he oversaw in the summer of 2021.

“Everybody says you could’ve gotten out [of Afghanistan], without anybody being hurt. No one’s come up with a way, never indicate to me how that happens, Biden said on the clip supplied by the Republican Party.

Biden also implied in the clip that he was against the Afghanistan war from the very beginning, which is not the first time he’s ever made that claim, although it’s difficult to decipher exactly what he’s talking about because he tends to mumble a lot.

“Afghanistan. Well I’ve been against that war in Afghanistan since the very begin spend $300 million a week Afghanistan over 20 years,” said Biden in the same clip.

Previously Biden had made the claim that he was against the war in Afghanistan when talking to at least one group of editors.

“Citing judgment calls he said had been vindicated,” reported CNN, “such as his opposition to US intervention in Libya, he told the editorial board of New Hampshire’s Seacoast Media Group: ‘I’m the guy that – as has been pointed out repeatedly – that thought we should not be going into Afghanistan.’”

However, as CNN noted, Biden voted unanimously with the rest of the Senate to send troops to Afghanistan when then-president George Bush asked for authorization to do so.

Biden has also been slammed by an otherwise friendly media for other claims regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal, including the claim that the United States military was well prepared for the departure from Afghanistan.

“So, we were ready when the Afghan Security Forces, after two decades of fighting for their country and losing thousands of their own, did not hold on as long as anyone expected,” said Biden in his remarks to the American people about the withdrawal according to the Associated Press. “We were ready when they and the people of Afghanistan watched their own government collapse and their president flee.”

Thirteen American soldiers and their families who died in the suicide bombing at Kabul during the withdrawal would argue against that.




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