Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Seeks Divine Help Fighting Fraud & Perjury Indictment

'Lord, we know you bring real justice, the real judge and jury. Protect her and be her advocate in her courtroom ... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA Fresh off an indictment for charges of perjury and mortgage fraud, Baltimore’s criminal-loving leftist states attorney Marilyn Mosby claimed she was the victim of a racist witch hunt and asked God to help prove her innocent.

Mosby, of infamous Freddie Gray notoriety, decided to stop being a prosecutor last year and declared the city would no longer prosecute prostitution, drug possession, minor traffic offenses, and other so-called “quality of life” crimes, even though the city has one of the worst crime rates in the country.

Last week, Mosby was slapped with a four-count indictment for perjury and making false mortgage applications in the purchase of two Florida vacation homes, and had lied about meeting qualifications for coronavirus-related distributions from a city retirement plan in 2020.

On Sunday, Mosby took her case to none other than God. During a service at the Empowerment Temple AME in Baltimore, Mosby was promptly surrounded in a prayer circle and invited on stage to give an update and ask for God’s help in fighting the racist witch hunt she faces. This from the Daily Mail:

Whipping out her phone and reading from a prepared statement, Mosby said: ‘We can certainly use your prayers. As a family, we are in the fight of our lives. But I stand before you confident and covered, trusting that with God on our side, I believe the fight is already fixed in my favor.

‘On Friday, I made a commitment to the citizens of Baltimore that I would not let the distraction of my federal indictment distract me or my team of doing the work of making Baltimore, healthier, safer or more equitable for everybody in our community,’ Mosby said as she read out her speech from notes on her cellphone while a pianist played quietly in the background.

‘I make that same commitment to you all today.

Mosby was joined on stage by her husband Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, who is also currently under federal investigation for financial illegalities and was likely also asking God for a few favors, and the couple’s close friend and political ally Rev. Robert Turner.

“Lord we call on you, in the name of Jesus that you cover, anoint and protect for all the fiery darts of the enemy,” Turner beseeched. “We rebuke the enemy and his attack on their life. The Devil is a liar.” 

Almost a liar like someone grossly misleading the public about coronavirus numbers for personal gain and duping investigators about bogus mortgage loans totaling nearly $1 million.

“We surround her physically now, but spiritually forevermore, as we intercede on her behalf,” Turner said. “Lord, we know you bring real justice, the real judge and jury. Protect her and be her advocate in her courtroom.”

The topic of Turner’s sermon revolved around the biblical account of Jesus forgiving a woman who had been caught in the act of adultery, relating it to the charges against Mosby.

The sermon was entitled: “He dropped the charges.”

Given Baltimore’s reputation for tolerating leftist corruption and caving to radical woke mobs, the charges might get dropped without any divine intervention. 

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