Friday, January 27, 2023
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Australia Confirms Use of Sonic Weapons on Vax Protestors

'Your body goes into complete pain and panic mode. It’s the sound equivalent of looking into the sun... '

(John RansomHeadline USA) As governments around the world become increasingly desperate to force citizens to get vaccinated against the COVID virus, the Australian government confirmed that they have used sonic weapons, also known as  long-range acoustic weapons (LRADs) against protesters in Canberra, Australia, the country’s capital.

“Protest attendees have since taken to social media to complain about symptoms they say are a result of the LRADs,” reported the Epoch Times. “However, The Epoch Times has not been able to independently verify these claims.”

Nevertheless, a video on YouTube seems to show police transporting a unit that looks like a type of wave device and is consistent with photos of other LRADs, along with scenes of police using a high volume function to disperse protestors.

Earlier this week the Canberra Times dismissed as a “conspiracy” questions in parliament about whether LRADs have been used.

“The conspiracy has been circulating online this week after some of the protesters say they fell ill following Saturday’s protest, which [one member] Mr. Kelly claimed was the largest ever in Canberra – to the sound of jeering from some members,” reported the Canberra Times

Kelly then asked if the government could confirm that the sonic weapons were used, which the newspaper said was greeted by “muffled laughter.”

While police confirmed that they deployed the sonic devices, they claimed they only used the safer settings, not the “alert” settings which would be associated with the types of injuries claimed by the protesters, said Australia’s ABC.

“Past reports of harm being caused by LRADs,” said ABC, “such as the permanent hearing loss and nerve damage suffered by Professor Karen Piper during G-20 protests in Pittsburgh in 2009, were apparently the result of the activation of the devices’ alert functions.”

An expert interviewed by ABC said he doubted that protesters could be attacked without hearing an audible sound from the devices.

But one victim of sonic weapons described being disoriented by sound pulses that one cannot hear, before it began to make him sick.

“Horrible, nauseating pain hit my body,” audio producer Cory Choy told Popular Mechanics, about his experience with the weapon in 2014 when reporting on BLM protests in New York.

“And then I realized it was sound,” Choy added.

“At first you just think, ‘What’s happening to me?’ Your body goes into complete pain and panic mode. It’s the sound equivalent of looking into the sun.”

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