Monday, June 5, 2023
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Ariz. Gov. Vetoes Bill Protecting Infants Who Survive Abortion Attempts

'Just shows further proof of how evil the modern Democrat Party is... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Installed Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed an Arizona bill that aimed to protect babies who survive botched abortions.

According to Hobbs’ administration, the law would “override patient and clinician decision-making in complex and highly personal circumstances,” the Daily Wire reported.

The bill altered an existing law to recognize just-born babies as legal people, endowing them the right to medical care. Additionally, the bill adjusted the wording of the law, changing “fetus” to “infant” and “delivered” to “born alive.”

Abortionists who refused to comply would face legal consequences. Parents or guardians would retain the right to refuse or consent to treatment that would “temporarily prolong the act of dying when death is imminent.”

Arizona Republicans stepped up to defend the bill before and after the veto.

“If a baby is born alive, even if it is sick or troubled, do we make efforts to try to save that person and treat them with the same dignity we would any other human being in our hospitals, or do we leave them on a table to die?’” asked Republican Rep. Justin Heap, in an attempt to sum up the question if a baby survives an abortion. “It is repellent. It is evil.”

The state of Arizona reported 18 babies who survived abortions in 2020 and 2021, out of 400 babies aborted after 21 weeks.

Twitter users responded to the news in shock and outrage at the veto.

“Bill requires medically appropriate and reasonable care and treatment to be given to any baby born alive,” tweeted the president of Center for Arizona Policy, Cathi Herrod. “If death is imminent, parents can refuse the care. Horrific to leave a baby to die w/o reasonable care. Heartless. Cruel. Evil.”

“Just shows further proof of how evil the modern Democrat Party is,” said Tatiana Peña, second vice chair in the Maricopa County Republican Committee. “They have a problem with giving people the basic human right to life and humanity.”

Recently, Hobbs opted to put a hold on executions for criminals on death row within the state as her administration reviews death penalty protocols.

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