As Ariz. Legislators Hear Vote-Fraud Evidence, FBI Shows Sudden Interest in Data

'This isn’t speculative. This is just what the data shows...'

With only two weeks remaining until the Electoral College convenes to decide the next occupant of the White House, President Donald Trump’s campaign allies were continuing to take their vote-fraud cases directly to GOP-led legislatures in several key tossup states.

The election-integrity watchdogs—including the Trump campaign’s official legal team; the Thomas More Society‘s Amistad Project; and maverick, unaffiliated attorneys including Sidney Powell and Lin Wood—in some cases were shifting their strategies from courtrooms, where several activist judges have refused to allow evidence to be presented due to technicalities.

After an eventful hearing with Pennsylvania GOP legislators last week that featured former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the head of Trump’s legal team, a panel of Arizona legislators was scheduled to hold a session on Monday to hear the evidence of fraud in the state.

The preliminary “fact-finding hearing” with Trump’s campaign legal team and others sought to collect evidence in order to determine whether a special legislative session may be warranted, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

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The mountains of evidence being compiled, including that gathered at an online repository, HereIsTheEvidence.com has not gathered the attention of red-leaning legislatures alone.

Increasingly, the FBI appeared to be taking a role in initiating its own investigations.

Matt Braynard, a former data analyst and strategist for Trump’s 2016 campaign who now heads the Voter Integrity Project, was due to speak at the Arizona session, and he acknowledged on Sunday that he had been in communication with the FBI about his group’s evidence.

Although some Twitter users scoffed at the notion following several unusual anti-Trump measures the investigative agency appears to have taken, Braynard expressed his personal confidence.

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The FBI’s top brass during the Obama administration notoriously was proven to have actively helped orchestrate a political smear campaign concocted by Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

But even during his own presidency, Trump’s rapport with the Deep State’s secret police arm has been somewhat tumultuous.

The agency has slow-walked several crucial cases—which some supporters suspect may have been intentional—including prosecutor John Durham‘s probe of the circumstances surrounding the Russia-gate conspiracy, the evidence of corruption found on Hunter Biden‘s laptop, and the organized structure and funding of domestic terrorism groups like Antifa.

Some warned Braynard that he would be wise to make back-up copies of all his evidence amid speculation that the Department of Defense, CIA and other agencies may be implicated in some of the covert vote-hacking operations that allegedly secured the election for Democrat Joe Biden by deleting or transferring millions of votes.

But whereas those theories—some of which link voting machines to operations in South American and European countries—remain far-fetched without any sort of smoking gun, Branyard said his group had focused more simply on collecting the hard evidence of voting irregularities such as those who falsified residential status or submitted illicit requests for absentee ballots.

“All the analysis that we’ve done doesn’t really require you to say, ‘Trust me about a magical mathematical formula,’ or some pattern we discovered, or something that supposedly happened in the software of the voting machines,” Braynard said, according to the Epoch Times.

“… I can show you the names of the people and the records of them having voted in multiple states and the raw data that the states make available,” he continued. “So this isn’t speculative. This is just what the data shows.”

Despite his earlier vote of confidence in the FBI, Branyard assured that there were copies of everything he would furnish the agency.

And he also reminded justice-seekers not to be overly optimistic regardless.

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