Saturday, December 2, 2023

Are Disgruntled Russian Generals in the Process of Staging a Putin Coup?

'We know very well that he has cancer, and Parkinson's disease, as we have said many times...'

(John RansomHeadline USA) As Russia continues to be bogged down in the muddy fields of eastern Ukraine, rumors are beginning to swirl that Russian President Vladimir Putin is about to be toppled in an internal coup.

“In particular a group called the ‘Siloviki’—comprising former FSB officers who are active in Russian politics—is said to be pushing hard to replace Putin, together with former officers from the GRU, KGB and FSO, other Russian intelligence units,” reported City A.M.

The three-letter acronyms all refer to various Russian security agencies, roughly equivalent to the FBI and CIA, the Pentagon and the Secret Service.

Siloviki is roughly equivalent to “neocon” in American political shorthand.

However, a coup against Putin doesn’t necessarily harbinger good news for the Biden administration and its globalist NATO allies backing Ukraine.

The Siloviki bloc believes that Putin made a strategic error by retreating and concentrating his forces in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Instead, it believes in a widening of the war to include all of Ukraine—and perhaps even targeting a NATO-backed country such as Poland—in the belief that a swift punch in the nose to US President Joe Biden would make the president bleed to death, politically, reported the US Sun.

“We know very well that [Putin] has cancer, and Parkinson’s disease, as we have said many times,” said an anonymous voice on a video promoted by the tabloid.

“It was possible to contain it for some time, but now the course of the disease is progressing,” added the source.

All of this information could just be a Russian disinformation campaign similar to the one that they ran back in 2015—when Putin disappeared from public view for a number of weeks in a rumored coup attempt, only to reappear stronger than ever.

At the time, Putin blasted the US for attempting to orchestrate a coup against him inside of Russia under the guise of one of the “color” revolutions that the US intelligence community funded throughout the world during the Obama years—including Ukraine’s 2014 revolt.

To a large extent, the lasting acrimony between Putin and US left-wing leaders like Biden and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can be explained from those actions.

President Biden signaled this with a supposed gaffe about Putin in March, when he told the world during a speech in Poland, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

But now Putin has more than just the CIA and scattered democratic forces inside Russia to contend with.

Instead, the ex-KGB officer is likely fighting against the security apparatchiks of which he is, himself, a product—and which has kept him in power for two decades, despite being unable to deliver much economically for the Russian people.

“The Russian President has been bracing for a coup for some weeks as has faced fierce criticism over his ‘special operation’ in Ukraine and he has purged around 150 of his spies over the constant failures,” Russian security expert Andrei Soldatov told the Center for European Policy Analysis, according to the UK’s Mirror.

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