Friday, February 23, 2024

Plea Deal Finally Processed for Iconic Q’Anon Shaman, Still Stuck in Jail

'The government’s attempt to apply this vague law to defendants in the Capitol case is a stretch, to say the least...'

A Washington, DC, judge has finally arraigned the most famous face associated with the Jan. 6 uprising at the US Capitol.

Dressed in buffalo horns with his face and chest painted in patriotic colors, Jacob Chansley (aka Jake Angeli, aka Q’Anon Shaman) secured his unique spot in the annals of American history as he ascended the speaker’s dais in the House chamber.

Chansley even posed in one famous photo outside the Capitol with Michiel Vos, the son-in-law of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who was on the scene pretending to be a journalist.

On Friday, Chansley officially pleaded guilty to the charge of “obstruction,” reported American Greatness‘s Julie Kelly.

The 33-year-old Arizona resident was arrested three days after the pro-Trump Capitol revolt and indicted, shortly thereafter, on six nonviolent counts. The remaining counts will be dropped as part of a plea deal.

After having become the public face of the protest, Chansley might also be a symbol of the outrageous perversion of justice that has occurred under the far-left Biden administration.

Since his arrest, Chansley has remained under lock and key in what appears to be a clear-cut violation of the Constitution’s 6th Amendment.

But even after the plea deal and eight months of incarceration, Chansley is facing the prospect of more jail time until his November sentencing.

DOJ prosecutors have attempted to impose punishments of up to 18 months for those facing similar charges, attempting to brand them, outrageously, as “domestic terrorists” for their nonviolent protest.

According to Kelly, about 200 of the mostly peaceful protesters who have been arrested by the corrupt Justice Department received the same dubious “obstruction” charge.

It rests on the claim that their actions interfered with the joint session of Congress that had adjourned to certify—and in some cases, to challenge—the Electoral College‘s decision to install Joe Biden as president.

“But the government’s attempt to apply this vague law to defendants in the Capitol case is a stretch, to say the least,” Kelly wrote in a March 15 analysis.

“In several instances, it represents an enhancement charge to add a felony to mostly misdemeanor offenses,” she continued. “Further, there’s no indication the law pertains to a proceeding before Congress.”

In addition to the sham charge, the fates of the more than 550 individuals targeted by the DOJ for persecution largely remain shrouded in secrecy.

Even members of Congress have been turned away while attempting to observe the conditions of a DC detention center where many of the political dissidents are being held.

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