Thursday, March 30, 2023
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AFL-CIO Virtue Signalling Goes Wrong

'Way to showcase the quality work of Union Labor, guys... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) tweeted out a photo of their staff holding the Ukrainian flag in a run of the mill attempt to virtue signal.

But, they did not realize the entire staff was holding the flag upside down, with the yellow on top and the blue on the bottom, until after posting the picture.

After getting blasted online, the tweet was deleted and that looked like the end of it.

Instead of deleting the post and letting people forget about it, the AFL-CIO reposted a laughably bad photoshopped version of the same picture in an attempt to correct their mistake.

Looking closer, there are several misaligned attempts at the corrected flag alignment and fixes were not even attempted for many.

Needless to say, the ACL-CIO was appropriately mocked:

Many also pointed out that Randi Weingarten, an American union leader and attorney, attempted a similar virtue signal and spelled ‘Ukraine’ incorrectly in her tweet:

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