Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Left-Wing Activists Stalk Kyrsten Sinema, Corner Her in a Bathroom Stall

'An illegal alien is stalking a US Senator to demand passage of Biden’s reconciliation bill b/c it includes mass amnesty for illegals...'

Far-left political activists stalked Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., following her to the restroom over her opposition to a $3.5 trillion spending bill.

The Build Back Better Bill is a core element of Joe Biden‘s agenda that seeks to remake the United States in the image of California by discouraging work with more welfare benefits, subsidizing unreliable green-energy projects, and eliminating oil and natural gas.

Activists with Living United for Change in Arizona confronted Sinema in a hallway, followed her into a bathroom, and continued to pester her as she went into a bathroom stall.

“We knocked on doors for you to get you elected, and just how we got you elected, we can get you out of office if you don’t support what you promised us,” an activist said.

“We need citizenship for 7 million [illegal aliens],” another activist, who sounds like a male, said while Sinema hid in a stall.

Stephen Miller, a former senior advisor to President Donald Trump, said in a tweet that the activist demanding that Sinema vote for mass amnesty is himself an illegal alien.

When Sinema left the bathroom, the activists followed her and shouted at her to pass the Build Back Better Act.

The Senate Parliamentarian ruled that the Democratic Party cannot pass legislation that grants amnesty to seven million illegal aliens in a budget reconciliation bill, which only requires 51 votes for passage.

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