Saturday, April 13, 2024

Abbott Slams NYC’s ‘Baseless’ $700M Lawsuit Against Immigrant Buses

'The mayor sued the wrong party... he needs to be suing Joe Biden...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, responded to the “baseless” lawsuit filed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams against the buses transporting illegal aliens into the city. 

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Abbott told host Shannon Bream that Adams should be suing the Biden administration, not the busing companies for transporting illegal aliens to formerly welcoming sanctuary cities. 

“The mayor sued the wrong party,” Abbott said on Sunday morning. “If the mayor really is trying to cut down on the number of illegal immigrants coming into New York, he needs to be suing Joe Biden, not this bus companies, because it is Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s policies that [are] causing the massive multimillion influx to the United States that leads to many of them wanting to go to New York.” 

On Jan. 4, Adams filed a $708 million lawsuit against 17 charter bus and transportation companies to recover the cost of providing taxpayer-funded shelter and other health services to illegal aliens bused into New York City. 

The lawsuit cited a social services law pertaining to anyone bringing a person from another state into New York to obtain taxpayer-funded services. The law says that the transporting individual must support the person in need or take them out of the state. 

While the State of Texas is not a defendant in the lawsuit, the New York City government is specifically targeting the bus companies that contract with Abbott. 

Addressing the lawsuit, Abbott added, “The lawsuit is completely legally baseless and the mayor is going to lose very badly for this very specific reason and that is everybody who is bused… to New York is already authorized by the Biden administration to be within the United States legally.” 

The Texas governor implied that illegal aliens pending court orders or refugee status can remain within the U.S. and thus can travel anywhere within the country.

Abbott specifically continued, “They have the legal right to travel wherever they want to in the United States and lawsuit by the mayor violates the United States Constitution in civil respects and the mayor is going to lose and lose badly.”

Abbott expressed his hope that Adams is “forced to pay the legal fees” of the defendants in the lawsuit.

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