Wednesday, October 4, 2023

World Leader Says Soros Profiting from Ukrainian War, High Inflation

'Those agitating for war must be reined in...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Hungary’s conservative prime minister, Viktor Orban, slammed Hungarian-born leftist oligarch George Soros for using the war between Ukraine and Russia to fill his own coffers while others suffer the economic fallout from it, Big League Politics reported.

Organ gave a long-form interview to Kossuth Radio on June 10, in order to address what he considers to be one of the most critical issues today: surging inflation.

“This is an inflation caused by war,” he said, drawing a distinction with peace-time economic issues.

“Energy prices are rising partly because of the war, and partly due to the Western sanctions,” he added.

Orban said he opposes interference from the Biden administration and America’s NATO allies in the war. “We should be financing peace, not war,” he told inverviewers, according to the Hungarian site Telex.

But Western nations were not the only forces contributing to a drawn-out conflict and ensuing economic turmoil.

According to the prime minister, war agitators “want to make money from the war.”

Orban argued that those war profiteers “are symbolized by George Soros.”

He noted that Soros “has spoken openly about the need to prolong the war.”

Fortunately for the people of Hungary, Orban’s policies have managed to curb the damage inflicted by inflation. Still, it is impossible to contain a European problem exclusively with Hungarian policy.

Orban argued that his anti-inflation policies “have become a synonym for protecting families in Hungary.”

Ultimately, however, to protect the families of Hungary, Orban said, “those agitating for war must be reined in.”

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