Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Woke Psychology Org. Demands Jordan Peterson Undergo Forced ‘Re-Education’

'I have been accused of harming people. None of the complainants involved in the current action were clients of mine, past or present, or were even acquainted with any of my clients...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Conservative public intellectual and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson has been reprimanded by a woke organization of psychologists, who have demanded that he undergo re-education, the Counter Signal reported.

Peterson called attention to the Ontario College of Psychologists’ demand in a recent tweet.

“BREAKING,” he wrote. “The Ontario College of Psychologists… has demanded that I submit myself to mandatory social-media communication retraining with their experts for, among other crimes, retweeting @PierrePoilievre and criticizing @JustinTrudeau and his political allies.”

According to Peterson, the organization has vaguely accused him of “harming people” but has declined to articulate precisely how that harm has taken place.

“I have been accused of harming people,” he continued. “None of the complainants involved in the current action were clients of mine, past or present, or were even acquainted with any of my clients.”

The Canadian government has decided to use its licensing power once more to wield political authority and censor anti-establishment opinions.

“We are now in a situation in Canada under Justin Trudeau where practicing professionals can have their livelihoods and public reputations threatened in a very serious manner for agreeing with the Official Opposition and criticizing major government figures,” Peterson said.

“If I comply, the terms of my re-education and my punishment will be announced publicly,” he said.

In consequence, if Peterson refuses to undergo the reeducation demanded of him, he risks the suspension of his clinical license and his right to call himself a psychologist. In short, the Canadian state is looking to make an example out of the high-profile conservative.

“I am to take a course of such training (with reports documenting my ‘progress’ or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of my right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist),” he added.

On Wednesday, Peterson expounded upon the initial charges with a tweet thread that listed the specific demands that the College of Psychiatrists had made.

Numerous conservatives have chimed in, noting how concerned they are that the bureaucracy would be willing to simply revoke someone’s livelihood.

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