Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Well Connected Democratic Donor Exposed as ‘Porn’s Boogeyman’

'Tons of women were abused by this one guy...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Mark Handel is a real-estate developer who is well-connected with California Democrats and is currently charged with significant white-collar crimes, but he is also a sadistic pornography director, according to The Daily Beast.

Handel is so well connected that he had California State legislation specifically crafted to fit his development projects.

He is also well-connected with a pair of congressional Democrats from California. Indeed, Handel is shown to have showered cash on now U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-C.A.) and U.S. Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-C.A.). Indeed, The Daily Beast reported that “Handel has backed [both] since their days on the Los Angeles City Council.”

Handel has also been proven to be a sadistic pornographer and sexual abuser known as Khan Tusion, according to an up-and-coming documentary corroborated by The Daily Beast.

Khan Tusion “was known for being one of the most verbally abusive and physically abusive porn directors that’s ever existed,” according to Luca Heyne, an independent film director.

Handel’s films were infamous for “female performers getting beaten, spat upon, stepped on, and even choked into unconsciousness.”

Several ‘actresses’ report that the abusive treatment of women was an authentic expression of Handel, directing the film as Khan Tusion. One ‘actress’ explained, “Tons of women were abused by this one guy.” She provides many additional details that are too shameful to recount.

Another actress recounted how she had attempted to signal for a scene to end because of pain, but Handel, directing as Khan Tusion, refused to stop the scene. She recalled, “He motioned to the second cameraman, the motion to keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling.” She recounted Handel’s disturbing reaction, “His eyes got really big and he got excited.” She described him as “in a trance, a pleasure trance kind of thing.”

Handel was caught because his paperwork was sloppy. He registered his pornographic enterprise under his own name and even affiliated his paperwork with his real estate company, despite attempting to hide his identity.

As disturbing as this ‘man’s’ career is, it is essential to know the characters backing today’s Democratic Party.

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