Friday, April 19, 2024

Tucker Carlson Roasts MSM for Defending White House Spox Accused of Racism

'What a complete sham, what a fraudulent, grotesque perversion of reality the White House briefings have become... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Fox News host Tucker Carlson led the pack in castigating the Biden regime’s mainstream media collaborators for their concentrated attack Monday against a black reporter who accused White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre of racism.

Simon Ateba, a correspondent for Today News Africa, derailed a press briefing that featured the cast of popular sitcom Ted Lasso. Ateba, who has consistently been ignored and overlooked during press briefings, got into a shouting match with Jean-Pierre when she again refused to answer his questions.

“You’re making a mockery of the First Amendment. It’s been seven months and you have not called on me,” Abeta admonished Jean-Pierre. “You’ve been discriminating against me and discrimination against some people in the briefing. And I’m saying that’s not right. This is not China. This is not Russia.”

As the insurrectionist spox shut down Abeta and had him booted from the briefing, a contingent of fake news media piled on the black reporter from Africa and rushed to the defense of Jean-Pierre.

It was a display that played out in real-time, showcasing “what a complete sham, what a fraudulent, grotesque perversion of reality the White House briefings have become,” Carlson said. “The other shills in the room don’t the side of their fellow journalist but take the side of the lady at the front to whom they are actually beholden and try to shut down Simon Ateba.”

Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason scolded Abeta for interrupting the briefing with his questions and complaints. 

“If you have grievances, you should bring them to her later…The press corps is tired of dealing with this,” Mason bleated.

“Decorum, please,” admonished NBC White House stooge Kelly O’Donnell, while CNN’s Brian Karem told Abeta to “mind your manners when you’re in here.”

“If you have a problem you bring it up afterwards, but you are impinging on everybody in here who is only trying to do their job,” he said.

Abeta shot back with a telling rejoinder.

“Understand you get questions all the time, and you don’t understand how it feels to sit here for eight months and get discriminated against,” he said.

Carlson blasted a compliant media for carrying the administration’s water at the expense of the public being left in the dark.

“Your job is not to suck-up to power,” Carlson said. “It’s to serve your viewers and readers by getting to the truth.”

RedState’s Bonchie joined Carlson in condemning the media’s regime-enabling behavior and disregard for a fellow correspondent’s First Amendment rights, calling out Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller’s sniveling apology to Jean-Pierre.

“I mean, really, imagine being that much of a lackey for state power, that you’d watch the press secretary throw a reporter out of the room and then apologize on ‘behalf of the press corps’ to her and not your colleague who was just abused,” he wrote.

Abeta expressed similar disdain for his AP brethren.

“The entire scene was an embarrassment. You would think the White Press Corps would stand up for freedom of speech and try to force the White House to be fair,” Bonchie wrote. “Unfortunately, that outfit is run by far-left hacks, and while it played defender of the truth during the Trump administration, it’s now just another Democrat mouthpiece.”

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