Monday, December 11, 2023

WATCHDOG: Taxpayer-Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced on Teachers

‘This type of infiltration amounts to an Islamic Trojan horse within our public-school systems…’

Huda Essa / IMAGE: TEDx Talks via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) As students file back to school, one pro-Christian advocacy group is shedding light on the questionable sensitivity training their teachers have been subjected to by left-wing virtue-signaling school districts.

According to the Thomas More Law Center, Michigan’s Novi Community Schools District paid an Islamist public speaker $5,000 for a two-day session that essentially amounted to indoctrination and bashing of other religions, they said.

The TMLC, noted for defending Maryland’s Bladensburg Cross in a recent Supreme Court victory, said that the August 2017 in-service training included promoting Islam as the only true, unadulterated monotheistic religion and bashed Western “cultural genocide” while overlooking that which was promoted by Muslim jihadists.

“We found that the teachers were subjected to two days of Islamic propaganda, where Islam was glorified, Christianity disparaged, and America bashed—all funded by Novi taxpayers,” said Richard Thompson, TMLC president and chief counsel.

The speaker, Huda Essa, was billed as a consultant in “culturally responsive teaching.” However, TMLC noted that no such speakers had been brought in to discuss other major religions.

“This type of infiltration amounts to an Islamic Trojan horse within our public-school systems,” Thompson said. “No other religion gets this kind of special treatment in our schools.”

The community, just northwest of Detroit, is known to have robust Asian communities, including those from Japan and the Indian subcontinent, but is not known to have a large population hailing from predominantly Muslim countries.

As of 2010, the school system was its largest employer, with just over 800 jobs.

Although more than 400 teachers were in attendance at the Islamic workshop, “not one teacher challenged Essa’s denigration of Christianity or attacks on America,” noted the TMLC press release.

TMLC was able to investigate the seminar after filing a public-records request, which included audio recordings of the presentation and dozens of school documents, it said.

It found that there were no specific guidelines for determining speakers and the district did little to vet Essa beforehand, even though it granted access to sensitive data about the school district, teachers and students.

It comes as schools throughout the country face growing indignation and outrage over brazen indoctrination to far-left principles. Several schools have come under fire or been sued for teachers’ incorporation of transgender and LGBT curriculum supplied by advocacy groups. Some states, like California, have even made this cultural re-education mandatory.

Meanwhile, schools continue to suppress not only Christian religious principles, but also have punished students for expressions of patriotism or support for President Donald Trump.

TMLC noted two other separate cases where it is representing students who complained about the incorporation of Islamic propaganda in the curriculum.

In New Jersey’s Chatham Middle School, seventh-graders were told in a world-history class that “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian” and “Islam at heart is a peaceful religion.”

In Maryland’s La Plata High School, students were taught that the term “jihad” referred to a “personal struggle” and had nothing to do with the promotion of religious violence or intolerance.

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