Major Tech Company Execs Endorse Biden; Hate Trump’s ‘American Jobs First’ Agenda

'Information technology is thoroughly globalized...'

High-level officials at Google, Microsoft and Facebook oppose President Donald Trump’s reelection because he does not support the unlimited legal and illegal immigration necessary to sustain their monopolistic technocracy.

The group endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris in a public letter, the New York Post reported.

All 24 people signatories of the letter have received the Turing Award, an accolade considered by computer programmers to be on par with the Noble Peace Prize.

“Information technology is thoroughly globalized,” the group wrote. “Academic computer science departments attract talented students, many of whom immigrate and become American inventors and captains of industry.”

They also oppose Trump’s efforts to keep valuable technological and scientific information within the United States. They would rather the information spread unchecked throughout the globe.

“We celebrate open source projects, the lifeblood of our field, as exemplars of international collaboration,” they wrote. “Computer Science is at its best when its learnings and discoveries are shared freely in the spirit of progress.”

China, in particular, has long bolstered US corporate and political elites on the Left—including Biden—with major investments, while itself benefiting from a trade imbalance that funneled US dollars back into the communist regime.

However, Trump’s America-first trade policies have thrown the arrangement into disarray.

The letter’s signers include John Hennessy, executive chairman of Alphabet, which owns Google; Ed Catmull, who co-founded Pixar; Vinton Cerf, Google vice president and co-inventor of the internet; and Yann LeCun, Facebook’s vice president and chief AI scientist.

Google Engineer David Patterson said Trump’s immigration policies are pushing talented people away from the United States.

“The most brilliant people in the world want to come here and be grad students, but now they are being discouraged from coming here, and many are going elsewhere,” he said.

Biden and Harris have promised to effectively eliminate the American border and all pretense of immigration enforcement.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris listen to experts before setting public policy, essential
when science and technology may help with many problems facing our nation today,” they wrote.

“As American computer scientists and as US citizens, we enthusiastically endorse Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President.”


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