Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Study: 63% of Young Men Are Single, Young Women Are Dating

'Men are more under attack than ever...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) While feminists screech about patriarchy, this month’s Pew Research Center poll revealed that the majority of young American men are single, while females of the same age are in a relationship.

Even though young men are far more likely to be single than middle-aged men, the same principle doesn’t apply to females, according to Breitbart.

Young men are also more likely to be friendless, lonely, and sexually uninvolved.

“Men are more under attack than ever. A majority of college graduates are now women, and men are making less in the workforce,” American Principles Project President Terry Schilling said.

“And because women expect their partner to make more than them, it’s leading to a great isolation of American men.”

Schilling also talked about pornography being commonly available to men.

“On top of the economic attacks on men, there’s been a rise in unfettered access to pornography online so now we’re seeing a rise in not just involuntary celibate men, but a growing number of men opting out of relationships altogether,” he added.

“The service economy combined with the disastrous sexual revolution have wreaked havoc on our country. We need to recalibrate.”

Young American men also commit suicide at four times the rate of their female counterparts and fall behind in education, with women receiving nearly 60 percent of undergraduate degrees. Schilling also talked about mass shootings, citing them as another source of the “great isolation of American men.”

Isolation like this can also be viewed as a cause of lowering fertility rates and declining birth rates as a result.

According to Pew Research, 57% of young Americans don’t even want to be in a relationship, with only 13% of people saying that they do look for a committed relationship and 42% of people looking for “some kind of romance.”

Another reason why men don’t date anymore is that some of these men and women are sexual deviants who “identify” themselves as non-straight, “nonbinary” or “transgender.”

Despite the “strong and independent woman” narrative that comes from feminists, women prefer to date older, less physically attractive men because they don’t want to date a man who has lesser or even equal social status and income than they have, and since the vast majority of men only start their careers in the early 20s, that leaves them more isolated.

The last two reasons why men prefer not to date or avoid dating even though they want to be in a relationship is that they live in the so-called “#MeToo Generation” where they can be wrongfully accused of sexual harassment and that, in case of divorce, initiated mostly by women, a wife can take everything from her ex-husband.

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