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Strzok Notes Suggest that Obama, Biden Directed FBI’s Flynn Conspiracy

‘Have the right people on…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) The personal notes of biased FBI agent Peter Strzok on Wednesday led to several stunning new revelations in the Obamagate scandal to frame former national security adviser Michael Flynn with a perjury trap.

The notes, dated Jan. 4, 2017, confirmed the prior admission by Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper that the former president had, himself, directed the smear against Flynn.

Obama appeared to be speaking in coded language and dogwhistles when he directed then-FBI Director James Comey and others to “have the right people on” the Flynn investigation, which the FBI was preparing to drop.

A Jan. 20 CYA memo by out-going national security adviser Susan Rice implied that Obama had encouraged the FBI to do everything “above board”—a likely deliberate misinterpretation of his statements in context—when, in fact, he was telling them to intentionally protract their investigation using false pretenses.

Strozk went on to tell the low-level attorneys handling the case not to dismiss it because the “7th floor” was involved, meaning FBI leadership.

Strzok’s notes raised serious questions about the false statements made by several Obama officials, including current presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

Rice—who is currently on Biden’s short-list to be his running mate—was one of several top officials who testified under oath denying knowledge of the FBI operations to smear both Flynn and Trump with false claims of Russian collusion and then use legal technicalities to claim criminal misconduct.

Biden, meanwhile, claimed in a Good Morning America interview with former Clinton stooge George Stephanopoulos, now the head of ABC News operations, that he was unaware of the FBI plot.

A day after Biden’s interview, his claims were discredited by the release of a list of Obama officials who had requested unmasked intelligence reports regarding Flynn’s conversations with a Russian diplomat.

However, Strzok’s notes seem to suggest that he masterminded the plan, raising the possibility of a Logan Act violation even though the 1799 law preventing civilians from conducting state affairs had never been used in a successful prosecution.

Disgraced Peter Strzok Warns He'll Respond to Trump's 'Attacks'
Peter Strzok / IMAGE: CBS News

Strzok and his FBI accomplice, Joe Pientka, went on to interview Flynn three days later with the Logan Act serving as cover to interrogate Flynn about the intercepted phone conversations. The aim, however, was getting him to issue a misstatement that they could use to press perjury charges.

In addition to offering evidence that Obama directed the conspiracy and Biden helped orchestrate it, a third detail notes that FBI Director James Comey may have undermined the operation by admitting Flynn’s conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak  appeared to be “legit.”

Nonetheless, Comey himself attempted to lay a similar trap with Trump. During an infamous Trump Tower meeting later that month, Comey raised allegations about the innuendo presented in the Steele Dossier, which he knew to be false at the time, in order to trip up the new president.

“One of the ways you undermine an adversary is to tell them you know all about it,” Comey admitted last year in a speech at Charlotte’s Queens University.

The latest developments, although likely to be written off by leftist media hacks, could have stunning implications as Justice Department special prosecutor John Durham wraps up his criminal probe of the Obamagate scandal.

Attorney General William Barr previously said he thought it unlikely that Obama or Biden would be charged in it. However, there is a strong belief that other top officials from the administration could be prosecuted.

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., who oversaw a Congressional probe of the scandal during his tenure as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, estimated he had sent 14 referrals to the DOJ.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that we will make a conspiracy referral there,” Nunes said during a recent interview with the Fox Business network.

Also on Wednesday, an appeals judge reversed the ruling of partisan judicial activist Emmet Sullivan in refusing to allow the Justice Department to withdraw its case against Flynn.

It is unclear whether Sullivan will honor the judicial determination after having already broken with legal convention in refusing to allow the Justice Department, as prosecutor, to withdraw the case.

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