Sunday, February 5, 2023
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State Farm Backtracks on Trans Grooming Push

'We developed a playbook with Disney that puts a price on companies that adopt woke ideology... '

(Tony Sifert, Headline USA) State Farm has backtracked on a “philanthropic” program to distribute LGBT-themed literature to children as young as 5-years-old, after the company’s grooming ploy was exposed by a whistleblower.

The original whistleblower leak involved a letter, dated Jan. 18, sent by Jose Soto, a State Farm corporate responsibility analyst, to all Florida agents, asking them to donate a “three-book bundle” of LGBTQ+ books to teachers, libraries, and community centers, according to an article in National Review.

“The project’s goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children Age 5+,” Soto wrote.

The program was the brainchild of the GenderCool Project, which bills itself as “an inspiring disrupter” which seeks to spread the social contagion associated with rapid-onset gender dysphoria, among other mental illnesses.

After an enormous uproar online following the leak, State Farm immediately abandoned its plans.

According to the Twitter account Libs of TikTok, State Farm’s chief diversity officer, Victor Terry, sent a letter to employees informing them that the company would “no longer support” the GenderCool program.

“State Farm’s support of a philanthropic program, GenderCool, has been the subject of news and customer inquiries,” Terry wrote.

While Terry argued that the program was “intended to promote inclusivity,” he argued that “conversations about gender and identity should happen at home with parents.”

“We will no longer support that program,” Terry concluded.

Journalist Christopher Rufo, who has been instrumental in fighting the widespread indoctrination of public school children and corporate employees with critical race and gender theory, coined “The Disney Effect” to describe the victory.

It was Rufo’s exposure of Disney’s perverted pro-LGBT propaganda machine that helped lead to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ decision to cancel the company’s special tax district in Florida.

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