Monday, January 30, 2023
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San Francisco Residents Hit Their Limit with Homeless Population

'There would be garbage strewn all over. It was just a dumping ground...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Residents and business owners in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood are lodging complaints with city officials for their handling of a local “safe sleeping” site.

According to the Daily Caller, the homeless population surrounding the site cause interruptions to traffic, harass locals and create delays to everyday business happenings.

When the site was under construction in 2020, the city claimed it would keep the area clean and secure, making it safer than other homeless encampments.

Local business owners and neighbors of the site claim the city failed to live up to their promise, complaining about incidents of public urination and threats of violence against residents.

Several area business owners have left the area or are considering relocation.

Lillian Siou, owner of a Bayview area business, described cleaning off the side of her building after a local homeless person used it as a bathroom.

“There would be garbage strewn all over. It was just a dumping ground,” she said.

Another local business owner said his father filed a police report after a homeless man staying at the sleep site threatened physical violence against him, but received no response.

Businesses are also less able to function normally, with the homeless population making deliveries and other normal duties.

Soup kitchen attendees frequently block loading docks and routinely threaten shop owners when they are asked to move.

Don Miller, the president of Evergood Sausage, called the neighborhood a “living hell” after the sleeping site moved in.

The business donated hundreds of pounds of sausage to the soup kitchen over the years. However, due to difficulties caused by the homeless population they moved down the street, costing the company an estimated $700,000.

San Francisco has more than 7,700 homeless residents and spends $160 million annually on housing and food programs, despite residents complaining and filing police reports on a consistent basis for open air drug use, care break ins, theft, public defecation, threats of physical violence and harassment.

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