Saturday, May 25, 2024

Same Voting Machine Issues that Stole Ariz. May Be Present in Ga.

'Republican-voted ballots were reversed at ratio of 7:1 over Democrat-voted ballot reversals... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) In a complaint filed with the Georgia State Election Board, the same issues faced in Arizona’s Maricopa County were said to be present in Georgia’s Dominion Voting Machines.

In Arizona, machines rejected ballots at a high rate, largely from GOP areas, leaving many voters disenfranchised because they were forced to stand in ridiculously long lines, simply gave up trying, or had their ballots rejected.

Now it appears that Georgia election officials are actively ignoring some of the same problems that have been brought to their attention, as the state heads into a high stakes U.S. Senate runoff.

According to David Cross and Kevin Moncla, who penned the complaint, their initial calling to attention of the Dominion errors was ignored by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“Our Initial Submission was summarily disposed of by what we must characterize as an uninformed ‘technical consultant’. It is possible that the State’s Technical Consultant simply misunderstood what was being asked,” they wrote.

“Allow us to be charitable and not assume that he or she was either incompetent or willfully attempting to mislead Chairman Duffey and the Board.”

They claimed to have “raised serious concerns and did not receive a serious response” from the technical consultant handling the Dominion machines.

According to Cross and Moncla, the Dominion machines were rejecting ballots at a shockingly high rate, and for largely unexplained reasons.

“In Georgia, an alarming 18.6% of the ballots scanned were being rejected by the scanner for various uncurable errors (i.e., the ballot was successfully read and rejected), but then putatively accepted on subsequent scans,” they wrote.

But, as one might have expected, the Dominion machines seemed to almost exclusively cause problems for Republican voters.

“Republican-voted ballots were reversed at ratio of 7:1 over Democrat-voted ballot reversals (emphasis is not party affiliation but detailed as a factual matter and to establish that a clear bias exists),” they wrote.

“Because the distribution of ballot reversals is not random suggests intentional influence is at play.”

Based on their findings, they argued that “if we are correct, then there is no way that these machines should be used in any capacity in elections in any state – including Georgia.”

Attached to the letter was much evidence supporting their findings and indicating the same issues in other states across the country.

The letter also offered a possibly remedy, which Georgia officials have been loath to adopt:

“We do, however, seek an automatic remedy for failure to comply with the reconciliation and poll closing rules referenced above — to hand count the number of paper ballots to match the count of the tabulator and voter check-ins. This is a practice that used to be followed on a regular basis, and now seems to be threatened by the Secretary of State, who is forbidding it.”

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