Monday, January 30, 2023
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Prospective House Speaker Andy Biggs Re-Ups Call to Dismantle FBI

'The FBI, DOJ, and Big Tech are leading our country into a fascist state... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Congressman Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., claimed in a recent interview that if we are to secure constitutional government in the United States again we must dismantle the FBI and other corrupt organizations.

He posted the video in a recent Tweet, which he captioned:

“The FBI, DOJ, and Big Tech are leading our country into a fascist state. They are attacking those holding differing political views. It’s unacceptable. In order to return to a free, constitutional republic, we must dismantle them.”

Biggs, speaking to an audience at an America First event, railed against the FBI and the intelligence agencies for using their power to spy on the Left’s political enemies at home.

“It was reported last April that the FBI entered into a contract with a private firm to continue surveilling… people in the public, their social media accounts. They didn’t have probable cause, there was no legal authority or rationale to do it.”

According to the congressman, the FBI chose intentionally to focus on supposed “domestic terrorism” with all of its resources.

“They were taking agents away from international terrorist surveillance and putting them on domestic political assignment. And when you think of that, what was the purpose? It was using the FBI, the [Department of Justice] and other parts of the federal police apparatus to attack their political opponents.”

In his view, the subsequent FBI alliance with Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter amount to an imitation of 20th century totalitarian regimes.

“The marriage of big government in that way with Big Tech is none other than Fascism.”

Biggs concluded that the only way to restore constitutional rule in America begins with undoing the administrative state’s intelligence apparatus.

“If we’re going to go back to a free constitutional republic, we have to dismantle the FBI.”

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