Middle-School Principal Gives Half-A**ed Apology for Calling Trump Supporters ‘A**wipes’

'The gloves are off and you are either with me or with him and his fascist army...'

The principal of a public middle school in Maine refused to fully apologize after calling President Trump’s supporters “a—wipes” on Facebook.

Bill Gifford, principal of Oceanside Middle School in Thomaston, Maine, reportedly wrote in a Facebook post that Trump “is not my president and is possibly the worst president ever.”

Gifford’s account since appears to have been deactivated.

The president’s “trolls,” otherwise known as his supporters, are “a—wipes” who have “big trucks” and “small d—ks,” he said.

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According to the TB Daily News, this isn’t the first time Gifford has insulted Republican voters. Over the summer, he wrote in a different Facebook post that “Trumpmonkeys” are “ignorant f—era” who are part of “goon squads.”

“The gloves are off and you are either with me or with him and his fascist army,” Gifford wrote.

Parents immediately complained to the school district about Gifford’s inappropriate comments.

Gifford then issued a half-hearted apology, in which he said his “mistake was to include profanity, and for that I am truly sorry and hope that the community can accept this heartfelt apology.”

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He said nothing of his insulting comments and how they may have affected members of his community.

“It is a great privilege to hold a leadership position and help guide our youth to realize their full potential,” Gifford said.

“With this great privilege, I realize that I have the responsibility to ensure that I demonstrate effective ways to communicate, even when I disagree, in a way that ensures a productive and respectful dialogue,” he added.

Gifford’s statement, however, did not satisfy frustrated parents.

“I believe that thinking we can hold the principal to a lower standard than the students are held to is inexcusable,” parent Steve Spearin said.

“If a student had said those things in that manner, an apology of ‘I’m sorry you heard me say it’—no matter how nicely worded —would not be acceptable,” Spearin said.

By disparaging Trump and his supporters, Gifford effectively targeted students and parents within his district who might have supported the president, he added.

“I am gravely concerned that the views Mr. Gifford expressed are reflective of the way he interacts with his students,” Spearin said. “I am also worried that my children may face negative repercussions if they express anything contrary to those views.”

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