Monday, June 5, 2023
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Orban to U.S. Democrats: Stop Meddling in Our Country

'And the Democrats always like to convince you, and sometimes force you, how to live, and I don’t like it... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) Hungary First Viktor Orban strongly implied that Democrats in America should mind their own business and stop trying to impose their far-left, finger-pointing agenda overseas.

Orban, his country’s prime minister, probably has similar thoughts about the Brussels-based European Union and many of his fellow member nations in that group. He has often fundamentally disagreed with EU open borders, Ukraine aid and various other issues related to nationalism vs. globalism.

During an appearance at the Qatar Economic Forum this week in a conversation with a Bloomberg editor, pro-Trump Orban offered a concise analysis of the difference between America’s two major political parties, in a video clip that he shared on Twitter.

“I would rather say that the American Democrats are far more ideologically led than the Republicans. And the Democrats always like to convince you, and sometimes force you, how to live, and I don’t like it,” the populist, traditional-values-supporting PM declared.

The George Soros nemesis went to say that “We have our own culture. The culture defines how we live; don’t interfere, please. Don’t ‘educate’ us, don’t say what is good, what is bad, what is ‘liberty.’ We don’t like that. It’s not your job, it’s not the job of the Americans and any other nation. It’s the Hungarians’ job. That’s so simple.”

Orban, who delivered a speech at CPAC last August, added that the 45th U.S. president “understands it. That’s important.”

He reportedly said at the same event in Doha that he hopes Donald Trump wins Election 2024 and praised the former president’s leadership skills.

Above the video clip, Orban wrote “Hungarians love freedom and sovereignty. This is why we don’t like to be lectured or educated. Every nation has the right to determine their own way of life.”

Orban has previously accused the U.S. and the EU of meddling in Hungarian politics as a way to help the leftist opposition to his government get elected.

While it seems that Orban and Trump are kindred spirits, Hungary’s prime minister pragmatically dodged the Bloomberg interviewer’s question about what might be “wrong” with Joe Biden.

“It’s not my job to criticize the head of the United States; it’s not a good business idea, anyway,” he quipped.

Biden has ironically smeared Orban for his so-called totalitarian regime and in March, declined to invite Hungarian officials to his “Summit on Democracy” for the second year in a row.

During his Doha excursion, while expressing sympathy about the ongoing tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, Viktor Orban expressed opposition to sending more EU cash to the Volodymyr Zelenskyy government because “there’s no chance to win this war,” which he apparently considers a proxy struggle between the U.S. and Russia.

According to the Bloomberg news agency, which seems to echo the corporate media narrative about the conflict, “Hungary, the EU nation with the closest ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is blocking a €500 million-euro ($540 million) tranche of EU financial aid to Ukraine. It also opposes new sanctions against Russia.”

The longest serving prime minister in Europe, Viktor Orban, with a very appropriate first name for politics, won a landslide victory in April 2022 to continue to lead Hungary for his fourth consecutive term in office.

He also served as prime minister from 1998 to 2002.

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