Barack Obama Relaxes, Forces Michelle to Paddle on Leisurely Kayak Cruise in Hawaii

Ex-president spotted 'eventually lending a hand then hauling their kayak to shore...'

With his right-hand man, Joe Biden, having safely secured the Oval Office (barring any surprise changes in trajectory) ex-president Barack Obama was able to relax and rest on his laurels during a holiday visit to Hawaii.

However, his wife, Michelle, wasn’t so lucky.

The frazzled-looking former First Lady was stuck paddling as a scrawny-armed Barack coasted for much of the trip, as the Daily Mail first reported.

“Sporty Michelle appeared to be putting in most of the work while her former President husband sat back and took in the sights, before eventually lending a hand then hauling their kayak to shore,” wrote the British newspaper.

The extra workout may be a good thing. Michelle—often touted by leftist lifestyle magazines as one of the world’s most glamorous women—appeared to have packed on a few pounds since she was last in the spotlight giving a speech at the Democrat National Convention.

That appearance, pre-recorded remotely from the couple’s Martha’s Vineyard estate, only featured her from the head and shoulders.

Regardless, the oar-intensive regimen seemed unlikely to help much. Michelle’s storied arms appeared to be the one thing that remained toned as her prominent paunch bulged out of a yellow, one-piece bathing suit.

Meanwhile, the shirtless Barack’s wiry biceps might have benefited more from the exercise.

That is particularly true if Barack plans to follow through on his promise to join fellow ex-presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in getting inoculated publicly with the coronavirus vaccine.

Current Vice President Mike Pence, the top Republican to have received the vaccine (and one of few to have been documented doing so) proudly displayed his ‘guns’ prompting catcalls and some light mockery from leftist ‘comedy’ outlets like Saturday Night Live.


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