Thursday, February 2, 2023
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NBA’s Planned Games in Abu Dhabi Expose LGBT Hypocrisy

Now, the league is promoting itself in search of more fans and money in a nation where being homosexual is completely illegal...

(Alex Tien, Headline USAThe National Basketball Association’s love of money became grossly apparent this week, with FOX News reporting that the league will be hosting preseason games in Abu Dhabi, a city in the United Arab Emirates.

The NBA has historically been a massive supporter of gay and LGBT rights, so it’s confusing as to why they would host games in a country where being gay is punishable by death.

The games in Abu Dhabi will take place between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks, and are scheduled for Oct. 6 and 8 at the Etihad Arena. There will also be other events hosted, such as a video game tournament and junior basketball competitions.

The league’s hypocrisy has become extremely noticeable over the past few years. Back in 2016, the NBA decided to relocate its All-Star game out of Charlotte, N.C., because of a transgender-related bathroom bill that the league claimed discriminated against the LGBT community.

Now, the league is promoting itself in search of more fans and money in a nation where being homosexual is completely illegal.

In the UAE, if one is found guilty of being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, they are liable to a number of penalties, ranging from fines and forced mental treatment to more extreme measures such as life in prison, chemical castration, floggings, or execution.

Hosting the games in a nation unfriendly to gay people is yet another sad example of the woke league’s hypocrisy and greed.

The league has become notorious over the past few years because of its relationship with the communist nation of China and its refusal to speak negatively of Xi Jinping‘s brutal regime.

China is an area where both basketball and the NBA are extremely popular, and the NBA has been quick to protect its interests there, along with its money.

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