Thursday, July 25, 2024

National Sheriffs Association: Half of Illegals are COVID-Positive

'In any other construct, infection rates that high would be cause for alarm by public health officials...'

The National Sheriffs Association estimates, based on its own data, that as much as 50 percent of illegal aliens are positive for COVID-19 which could cause a “public health crisis,” according to the group’s border security resolution.

“We are already seeing strains to the public health system of border communities,” the association wrote. “The suspension of deportations has led to the release of undocumented persons into border communities. We then have an affirmative responsibility to provide medical care for them if they are infected with COVID.”

The organization’s board of directors drafted the resolution to demand that President Joe Biden secure the southern border and protect Americans against crime, disease, drug and human trafficking, and terrorism.

“It is the position of the National Sheriffs Association that all efforts be made by the federal government to secure our nation’s border to prevent harm to our nation and to her citizens,” the association resolved.

The National Sheriffs Association will vote on the border security resolution at an organization-wide meeting on June 21-24 in Phoenix, Arizona.

President Donald Trump sealed America’s borders in response to the coronavirus, but Biden mocked him as xenophobic.

Public health officials encouraged politicians to suspend the civil liberties and economic activities of Americans in response to far lower infection rates.

“In any other construct, infection rates that high would be cause for alarm by public health officials,” the association wrote. “Yet, we are currently engaging in policies that have potentially opened, rather than restricted, undocumented traffic into the U.S.”

Biden’s open-borders rhetoric caused illegal aliens to flood into the United States.

Border Patrol caught 100,000 illegal aliens at the southern border in February, but an estimated 26,000 made it into the United States, according to Jaeson Jones, a former Texas Department of Public Safety captain.

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