Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Former MLB Player Won't Consent to 'Unconstitutional' Mask Mandate

‘At some point we’re all bound to encounter it if it’s as contagious as the ‘experts’ say it is…’

Former MLB Player Won't Consent to 'Unconstitutional' Mask Mandate
Former MLB Player Aubrey Huff: Flickr

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Aubrey Huff, a former MLB player, posted his thoughts about the coronavirus Monday on Twitter, saying that he will no longer comply with demands that he wear a mask.

The leftist Twitter mob attacked Huff for his unpopular opinion, so he posted a video response on Tuesday.

“The liberal left, the soy boy professors, and the blue check mark crazy cat ladies were in unison guilt shaming me for threatening the lives of millions of innocent people,” Huff said.
“Now, if you want to wear a mask and live in fear the rest of your life, it’s certainly your prerogative, but the vast majority of well-adjusted, sane, common-sense people that aren’t sheepthey can reason for themselvesagree with me,” he continued.
Huff is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.
His Twitter bio says, “I support Toxic Masculinity. #America.”
In the video, he does not deny the reality of the coronavirus or the fact that the elderly, immuno-compromised, and “morbidly obese” need “to stay the f*** home.”
He said healthy Americans should not have to stay home and shut down their businesses in order to protect this small group of people.
Huff said the coronavirus lockdowns and mitigation efforts do not serve any purpose if everyone will eventually contract it.

Twitter user @steigerworld agreed with Huff.

Some were more blunt in their disdain for Huff.

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