REPORT: Missouri AG Intervenes to Drop Felony Charges Against McCloskeys

'One of them produced an AK-47 and actually challenged a Channel 5 reporter....'

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has stepped in to drop felony charges brought against a St. Louis couple charged by a George Soros-funded city attorney after they brandished firearms at a mob of protesters trespassing on their property, according to Townhall.

Schmitt formally stepped in after Mark and Patricia McCloskeys’ attorney filed a motion to dismiss St. Louis city attorney Kim Gardner’s charges, citing habitual “impropriety” in the way she has handled the case.

First, she tampered with material evidence to make it seem like Patricia McCloskey’s gun was fireable when it was not. Then, she used her case against the McCloskeys in campaign literature.

This was very clearly a “political prosecution,” Schmitt said earlier this month, when he first suggested that he’d intervene if Gardner continued to pursue the case.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey have insisted that they were acting in self-defense, and that the protesters who gathered outside their home in their private, gated community were armed and dangerous.

The St. Louis Police Department has a video “of people in the crowd in front of my house with armed guns,” Mark McCloskey told Fox News on Thursday.

“The interesting thing is that the media is reporting this as a peaceful protest,” McCloskey told Sean Hannity.

“And everybody keeps playing the same 32-second clip, or a little tiny bits of a 32-second clip, of an event that went on for 12 or 15 minutes,” he continued.

“Later that same night, that same crowd out in front of Mayor [Lyda Krewson’s] house, one of them produced an AK-47 and actually challenged a Channel 5 reporter. And she and her armed guard had to flee. That’s how peaceful that protest was.”

Mark McCloskey said that he and his wife saw the guns in the crowd, which is one of the reasons they confronted the crowd directly.

“One fellow in particular pulled out two loaded magazines and showed me them so I could see the shells in the magazines, clicked them together and said, ‘You’re next,’” Mark McCloskey recalled.


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