Mich. Witness: Dominion Illegally Connected Vote-Tabulators to Internet

'If we have voter fraud in just one out of our 83 counties, if that county is Wayne County, we've got an issue...'

Former Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, who served as a volunteer poll-challenger in Detroit, testified that, in violation of state election laws, Dominion Voting Systems had connected its voting machines to the internet, making them more prone to hacking on Election Day.

Tuesday’s hearing, led by Michigan’s Republican lawmakers, followed similar inquests in Pennsylvania and Arizona.

All three states—among the six to eight tossups now under scrutiny for systemic vote fraud on Nov. 3—saw Democrat secretaries of state disregard and override the election laws put in place by GOP legislatures.

While those changes raised plenty of red flags from a legal standpoint, Colbeck, an aerospace engineer and computer expert by trade, said the technicians operating the voting machines at Detroit’s TCF Center went even farther in their brazen effort to rig the election and cover their tracks, the Epoch Times reported.

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“Please understand there is plenty of evidence,” said Colbeck, refuting the mainstream media’s false narrative that fraud concerns amounted to little more than a conspiracy theory. “The toughest thing is sorting out—triage what is most pertinent.”

Colbeck said election officials flat-out refused to offer a straight answer as to whether the computers were linked to the internet as he was inspecting them in the lead-up to the election.

Even if all other procedures appeared to be above board, the internet connection—which is prohibited under Michigan election laws—would effectively render moot other election-integrity safeguards.

“If you’re communicating via the internet… it’s very difficult to get in there and follow those electrons up the chain and see what’s going on there,” Colbeck said.

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Nonetheless, even as election officials refused to comply with his request to examine the tabulating machines, he was able to observe from his own cell phone that there were WiFi connections available that should not have been.

One of those was labelled av_connect, Colbeck said.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that stands for,” he added. “Probably something to do with absentee votes.”

Colbeck also referred to a diagram showing how a confirmed wireless router connected to the internet might have linked to all the other machines within the network.

If his own sworn observations—contained in one of many credible affidavits as part of a lawsuit brought by two concerned poll watchers were insufficient, Colbeck said the fact that vote result were tabulated in decimals gave further evidence of foul play.

“We have evidence that from the Dom Voting System there was a transmittal of fractional vote data … that indicates right off the top that something is rotten in Denmark,” he said.

The Hamlet quote may not be too far afield. On Monday, a witness in Arizona testified that Dominion’s servers were proven to have communicated with Frankfurt, Germany on Election Day, suggesting that rather than being tabulated via a closed system, votes there were rerouted across the Atlantic.

Colbeck proffered his expert view that the only reason votes might appear as fractions would be if outside technicians or administrators were attempting to flip the format from one ballot style to another, or if they were implementing a ranked-choice voting algorithm.

Other programming experts and data analysts already have outlined the likely presence of weighted-vote algorithms in several Michigan counties, where coding embedded in the Dominion systems might have, for instance, given Biden votes a value of 1.25 and Trump votes a value of 0.75.

The pattern of deviation between Trump’s support and that of normal party-line GOP support in GOP-dominated precincts indicates that the algorithm was programmed in at least three other counties to increase the weight of votes for Biden and against Trump to higher levels based on how conservative the counties were.

Although Wayne County—which contains much of the Detroit region—did not appear to have activated the weighted-race feature in its voting systems, that may have been due to the fact that corrupt voting officials were able to manipulate the count in more subversive ways.

Colbeck also dismissed another leftist trope claiming that evidence of the presence of vote fraud was irrelevant so long as it didn’t appear to impact the overall outcome.

“It doesn’t have to be rampant to be significant,” he said. “If we have voter fraud in just one out of our 83 counties, if that county is Wayne County, we’ve got an issue.”

Despite the damning evidence against it, Dominion, which has links to several powerful Democrats and wealthy leftist oligarchs, has gone on the offensive, attempting to portray itself as the victim of a smear attack.

CEO John Poulos complained in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that the company’s officials had received death threats as a result of being implicated in the alleged vote-fraud conspiracy.

Meanwhile the company threatened to hold accountable those who were providing evidence to publicly bolster the allegations, such as conservative attorney Sidney Powell.

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