Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Miami Herald Scolds Cuban Columnist for Referring to Athletes as America-Bashers

'While columnists have broad latitude to express their opinions, his comments were uninformed, insensitive and deeply troubling...'

A sports columnist at the Miami Herald said professional athletes who boycott games and spread false and malicious information about the United States are “America bashing,” Reclaim the Net reported.

The journalist, Armando Salguero, wrote the tweet in response to a video from the Tennessee Titans, in which players said America is fundamentally racist.

“We’re tired of dealing with the systematic oppression,” said Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is white and earns nearly $30 million a year.

This isn’t the first time that Salguero has sparked beef with Tannehill, the former Miami Dolphins QB, who was traded last year after struggling with the Dolphins only to make a surprise playoff run with his new team.

Salguero also has been critical of Colin Kaepernick in the past for his virtue-signaling protests while kneeling for the national anthem.

The Miami Herald defended the professional athletes when they shared their anti-American sentiments, but the paper failed to do the same for Salguero.

Salguero’s Twitter biography reads in part, “Jesus Christ first…[Cuban flag] by birth, [American flag] by God’s grace.”

His family fled Cuban communism and settled in the United States.

The publisher and executive editor of the Miami Herald scolded Salguero for his allegedly racist comment.

NFL, NBA, MLB and WNBA players have all partnered with Black Lives Matter to protest America and boycott their own games.

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